5 Facts You Never Knew about Chrysanthemums 

November 12, 2021 2 min read

5 Facts You Never Knew about Chrysanthemums 

Discover 5 chrysanthemum facts that you never knew before. Chrysanthemums are popular flowers with a rich and fascinating history. In this blog, we’ll discuss five fascinating flower facts that you may not have known before. Read more to learn some new and interesting chrysanthemum facts. 

What Are Chrysanthemums Known For?

Chrysanthemums, which are also referred to simply as mums, are considered to be symbols of happiness, trust and faithfulness. Like most flowers, the meanings and symbolism associated with mums change depending on the shade. Red chrysanthemums represent love and passion, while mums with purple petals are used to wish for a speedy recovering when someone has been feeling ill. 

Mums Flower Facts

If you’re interested in learning some facts about mums, we’re discussing five chrysanthemum facts that you may not have known. Feel free to share these cool chrysanthemum flower facts with friends and family, or pick up a stunning bouquet of these lovely flowers to surprise them. 

Facts About The Chrysanthemum Flower

Mums were originally grown in ancient China. 

Their cultivation by the Chinese goes back possibly more than 1600 years. In modern China, the chrysanthemums blossom is one of the official city flowers of Beijing, the capital city of China. 

Chrysanthemums are the Queen of Fall Flowers

In the United States of America, chrysanthemums are the most commercially cultivated flower in the whole country. The only flower more popular is the rose. Because mums are not only beautiful and popular flowers but are also easy to grow and maintain, they are often referred to as the Queen of Fall Flowers. 

They were originally golden blooms

These days, chrysanthemums come in all sorts of different shades, and you can purchase mums with purple blooms, or green and so much more. But did you know that the word chrysanthemum comes from Greek words meaning gold flower?That’s because when mums were first cultivated, they initially only grew in golden hues. 

Chrysanthemums have a natural insect repellent 

While most florals require some outside assistance to keep away bugs and mites, chrysanthemums contain a natural chemical known as pyrethrum, which repels bugs. Because of this, mums can be used to create their own organic pesticides to help keep others flowers safe from hungry bugs. 

The Official Flower of November is the Chrysanthemum

Every month has a certain flower (or two) that represent it, and for the month of November, the official birth flower is the mum. Because they’re a hardy flower that can survive into the chillier fall months, Chrysanthemums are often associated with the autumn season, which is why they’re the bloom that represents November birthdays.

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