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Flower Shops Help Us Show We Care 

Flower shops are one of the oldest and most timeless ways to express your sentiments and gratitude for another person. Life presents us with countless opportunities to show the people around us, like our family and friends, that they are important individuals and that we cherish them. Whenever we grab one of these opportunities and send a vibrant bouquet of roses as a thank you, or as a congratulations, we are strengthening the bonds that connect us. We have gotten skilled at organizing, commercializing and promoting occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. Take a look at your neighbourhood and you will likely notice small floral boutiques on every busy corner. Even tiny floral arrangement sections within most convenience stores. Why are there so many flower shops near me and are they all the same? How do I choose the right one for me?

Flower Shop Near Me

Why Are There So Many Flower Shops Near Me?

Within a 5 km radius from wherever you live, you can often find 20 or more bouquet shops. They range from small family businesses to big commercial chains. As mentioned before, it is also common for many convenience stores to also carry small fresh last minute blooms. This does not include the hundreds, if not thousands of online florists throughout the country! Is it really possible for the floral market to be this big?

Flower Shops Near Me

No more searching for a flower shop near me because My Flowers is an online flower shop available 24/7! If you require flowers for a loved one to celebrate, we are here for you. My Flowers is an online, e-commerce based florist store that provides stunning flower bouquets and arrangements for any occasion. Whether you need birthday flowers, flowers for an anniversary, retirement or sympathy flowers, we got you covered.

Should I buy a bouquet the day before?

Searching for a flower shop near me open, is not required out of your busy schedules any longer. Our luxury flower delivery is available when ordering your bouquet online on our website. There is no need to visit a flower shop any longer. Browse through the various roses bouquets and flower arrangements we offer to find the right fit for your particular occasion.

We highly recommend ordering your flowers the day or night before in advance. This allows some room in case you want to make any changes or add-ons for the delivery. Our florists maintain and preserve each flower to complete freshness and vibrancy daily. Our promise is as soon as orders are placed you will receive the freshest and fullest flowers available. The earlier the order is placed, the more time to ensure the completion of your flower bouquet. It also provides more time to prepare for delivery the next day when the flowers are needed. However, we understand sometimes people’s schedules are really busy and they do not have the time to plan ahead. Therefore, if you are in need of last minute gift ideas, then you can use our same day flower delivery. Remember the same day cut off is up until 11am EST on the morning of.

My Flowers is a flower shop in Vaughan, On. There are competitive prices for the bouquets and reasonably priced shipping rates. As a cheap flower shop near me, you can expect affordable prices and efficient delivery. There are different bouquets suited for different budgets. Free delivery is applicable on any flower order that is $100 or more. Ordering florals has never been easier with our local flower shop available for your convenience and on your time.

Occasions For Sending Roses Are Plentiful

Let’s consider how many occasions in our lives call for sending a bouquet of roses. For instance, first dates, wedding anniversaries, new baby births, Mother’s Day, graduations, get well soon, big promotions, birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day, housewarming and many more. Every month there are both culturally created events, like Father’s Day and personal special dates. That translates to a tremendous number of opportunities and multiplying this by the millions of people living in the average city and we start to understand better why there are so many flower stops near me!

In the next section, we’ll take a look at what differences to pay attention to when comparing floral stores. Our intention is to help inform you so you can discern which floral emporium is the best fit to achieve your shopping goals. 

Corner Store Flowers Vs. Online Flower Bouquets

Now that we understand better the nearly never-ending demand for fresh, beautiful bouquets, let’s take a look at the differences between your average corner store floral shop and online flower boutiques like My Flowers. Firstly, both have advantages and disadvantages which we’ll unpack next.


Corner store shops have withstood the test of time and have been around for many years. Most customers are familiar with their local florist. The biggest advantage they offer is being able to physically inspect and smell the aroma of each bouquet of carnations and lilies. This offers the customer a visual proof of the quality and variety available before making a purchase. It also gives them a chance to speak to the florist and ask for recommendations regarding their particular needs and for customers who know little about flowers, this is very helpful. The experience of walking into a physical floral shop and smelling the roses is definitely one of life’s small pleasures.

Flowers Trigger Positive Emotions In Our Brain

Science has shown that taking in the aroma of blossoms triggers positive emotions in our brain and helps reduce stress reactions. That means a bouquet of fresh cut flowers goes a long way in lifting up the overall mood and atmosphere of any room. Let’s face it, oftentimes we all can use some uplifting energy in our homes or workplace and lucky for us, rose bouquets are an affordable way to brighten things up.


The biggest disadvantages that physical floral outlets face boils down to the price and lack of variety. In addition, if the florist has a local reputation and special branding, they will usually charge 3-5x more for their floral arrangements compared with a generic florist. The difference here is considerable. More or less the same size arrangement of roses or lilies, for instance, could cost $50 in one place and $150 in a famous bouquet shop. Sometimes the higher price is due to better quality blooms, however, most of the time you are paying more for the brand behind the floral design. Lastly, depending on the size of the store, the blossom variety can be very limited. Many florists specialize in certain types of blooms, so it’s a good practice to call ahead and inquire if you are looking for a specific centerpiece.