6 Flowers Similar to Daisies

August 18, 2021 2 min read

6 Flowers Similar to Daisies

Daisies are a popular flower with a distinctive yellow and white color scheme. They are one of the most recognizable flowers for their distinctive shape and are a popular symbol of springtime, hope and renewal. Discover which other flowers and plants resemble the popular daisy bloom and would make an excellent complement to any daisy flower bed. 

Daisy Varieties

Gerbera Daisy 

The gerbera daisy is one of the most popular varieties of daisies and is a highly common choice for daisy bouquets and cut floral displays. They resemble the traditional daisy in terms of their shape and blossoms, but where the gerbera differs is in regard to its color. These lovely blossoms grow in a wide variety of colors, including purple, pink and orange. Like the classic flower, the gerbera daisy symbolizes purity, innocence and friendship. 

African Daisies

African daisies also resemble the common daisy, with the similar shape of a round center and petals that sprout outwards. However, much like the gerbera, these daisies are set apart by their radiant colors and almost metallic looking centres. The African daisy is considered a symbol of loyalty and love, and associated with grandeur and holding someone in high regard. 

Plant with Daisy Like Flowers

Purple Coneflower

The purple coneflower is the most popular breed of coneflowers, which are characterized by their daisy like shape and blossoms. These blooms are tough and able to thrive in dry climates and bloom for a long period of time. Easy to grow and maintain in a garden, the purple coneflower is a symbol of strength and healing. 


Another striking purple blossom with a bright yellow centre, Asters are also shaped similarly to the common daisy. Just as hardy, Asters make for a striking flower garden when planted alongside the purple coneflower. Purple asters are the most popular color of this blossom and symbolize wisdom and love. 

Pot Marigold

Also called the Calendula, pot marigolds are actually closer in species to that of the common daisy than the common marigold (despite the suggestion of its name). Known for its warm golden hues and large blooms, the pot marigold is a striking summer flower that prefers warm climates and lots of light. This flower is strongly associated with the sun, both for its coloring and the way it turns its head to face the sunlight. In folktales, the pot marigold was often called the Summers Bride. 

German Chamomile

Bearing a striking resemblance to the common daisy with its bright yellow centre and radial white petals, German Chamomile is a flower both popular in gardens and bouquets as well as in the medicine cabinet. Also known as wild chamomile, this flower is known for its medicinal properties and ability to treat upset stomachs. German chamomile is considered to represent best wishes and humility. 

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