Popular Flower Bouquet Styles And Shapes

December 28, 2021 2 min read

Popular Flower Bouquet Styles And Shapes

Flower bouquet styles and shapes are one of the most important aspects of any flower arrangement (after the flowers themselves, of course). In this blog, we’re discussing the different types of arrangement styles. Read through our helpful guide to learn the most popular flower bouquets styles and shapes. 

Types Of Flower Bouquet Arrangements

There are so many types of floral arrangements, with different sizes and variations for all of them. Some styles of floral bouquets are based on the event or occasion they’re being used for, such as wedding and bridal bouquets. A few of the most popular bouquet styles are the hand-tied flower bunch and the posy bouquet. 

At My Flowers Toronto, our hand-tied rose bouquets are some of our most popular arrangements. A hand-tied bouquet has a more organic and rustic aesthetic than a traditional bouquet. This style is popular for garden bouquets, which are known for their overflowing abundant look. 

Blossoms arranged in a posy bouquet are one of the traditional choices for a bride to carry as she walks down the aisle. This style is known for being smaller, less showy and often features little to no greenery. Also referred to as a nosegay, this delicate flower arrangement is round in shape and small enough to carry in one hand. 

What Three Shapes Are Most Popular For Bouquets?

When it comes to the most popular flower bouquet styles and shapes, there are three that are preferred above all the rest. These shapes are beloved for weddings and bridal bouquets and are also popular for sending and receiving at times of celebration. The three most popular bouquets of flowers are the round bouquet, crescent bouquet and cascade bouquet. 

Bouquet Shapes And Sizes

Of each of these three flower bouquet styles and shapes, round bouquets are by far the most popular and the most common. Round bouquets are any type of bouquet that is round in shape (fairly straightforward). Because of the symmetry and the classic look of this style of floral arrangement, it’s the shape that most people prefer when they consider a beautiful display of blossoms. 

A crescent bouquet is a bit more unconventional in style, but the attractive look and eye-catching aesthetic of bouquets in a crescent shape are quickly gaining in popularity. Crescent bouquets are characterized by their round arc shape, with both ends of the blossoms dipping down at the end. The dipping ends of the crescent bouquet can be as long or short as you’d prefer, depending on how dramatic a look you want. While they are usually symmetrical, asymmetrical crescent bouquets are a stylish option for anyone that truly loves making a statement. 

The final bouquet style and shape is the cascade bouquet. This is arguably the most dramatic of the three but is becoming a popular choice for bridal bouquets. While round bouquets are traditionally more simple, cascade bouquets create a dramatic effect that draws the eye. As the name suggests, flowers cascade down from the central point of the bouquet, giving the effect of flowing layered sheets of flowers. 

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