Gourmet Wooden Crate

A very unique gift in a stunning and elegant way. Send your family, co-workers and friends a special gift for any occasion they are celebrating. This beautiful wooden crate is filled with delicious, gourmet items. Same Day delivery on all orders placed before 11am, going within Toronto and the GTA.

Compote -A blend of fruit, pecans and port compote made by Wildly Delicious.

Shortbread Cookies - Gourmet cookies that are buttery and soft, making them a delightful treat to have.

Cookies - Made by Evie’s Edge, these thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies are delicious.

Mustard Wafers - Crispy, thin wafers that have hints of mustard and honey flavour with a touch of salt.

Crackers - Artisan crackers infused with sea salt and olive oil, that can be accompanied by an assortment of cheeses, dips and put on a spread.

Caramel Popcorn - Spudnik’s caramel popcorn, that are popped, crunchy, and layered in caramel for the ultimate sweet and salty snack.

Cheddar Biscuits - Shortbread cookies packed with real Canadian cheddar for a unique taste.

Brie Cheese - Made by Castello, this soft and creamy brie cheese is a decadent item to serve alongside crackers or on a spread.

Dark Chocolate Bar - Made of 70% dark chocolate, this smooth textured dark chocolate bar is sweet.

Milk Chocolate Bar -A pure milk chocolate bar that is rich and delicious. Locally made in Quebec.

Cocktail Gherkins - Distilled in malt vinegar, these cocktail gherkins are the perfect savoury blend to the basket.

Nuts -An assortment of salted almonds, nuts, cashews, etc in a little on-the-go snack pack.

Pretzels - A salted, savoury favourite. These salted twists have been around for decades and are amazing on their own or served with dips.

Chocolate Truffles - Made with chocolate ganache and layered in cocoa powder, these French truffles are extremely rich and will melt in your mouth.

Cookie Box - Mini shortbread, artisan cookies that are crunchy and delightful. Made from Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.

Wooden Crate - A luxurious and rustic way to present a unique gift in this wooden crate. Can be repurposed for multiple uses around your home.