Pinot Grigio Barefoot USA

Serve this incredible, crisp white wine with a diverse array of meals. No matter what dish you serve this fruity wine with, it is sure to impress you with its sweet taste and light floral notes. An incredible bottle of white wine from the award winning Barefoot winery, this scrumptious Pinot Grigio is the perfect fun, refreshing wine for every occasion.

With hints of melon and peach, this dry, medium bodied wine has notable flavors such as pineapple and other delectable fruits. A long finish gives this wine a sultry mouthfeel that will guarantee a smile with every delicious sip. Enjoy the invigorating taste with dessert or dinner or sip a pleasant glass as you enjoy brunch. No matter the meal or time of day, Barefoot Pinto Grigio white wine is perfect for enjoying with the people you love.