Premium Wine Chardonnay Mondavi California

A premium selection of wine from the renowned Robert Mondavi Winery in California. A light fruity flavor, this bottle of top choice white wine offers a delicious taste with delicate floral notes. A smooth blend of citrus, apples and tropical fruits gives this wine a pleasing bouquet with a complex aroma that will wow even a seasoned sommelier. 

The perfect gift to bring to dinner parties or special celebrations with friends and family, a bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay is a sophisticated present that impresses anyone who receives it. Whether purchased for a holiday gift exchange with coworkers or to uncork at your own dinner table, any selection of Robert Mondavi wine will impress and delight with every sip. 

With a notable fresh medium acidity that won't overpower your meal, this sweet chardonnay is best paired with creamy, flavorful dishes like pasta or risotto. No matter what you’re serving, this upscale bottle of wine is the perfect complement to every dish.