Rendola Rosso Toscano Wine from Italy

Enjoy the remarkable mouthfeel with each decadent sip of Rendola Rosso Toscano wine. A premium red wine from an award winning Italian winery, every bottle of Rendola Rosso Toscano is a luxury selection of fine wine. Medium bodied with a fruity taste of black cherry, raspberry and plum with subtle contrasting notes of espresso and oak, this extra dry red is smooth and balanced on the palate. A fruit forward bouquet starts with a charming note of toast, vanilla, plum and candied fruit.

Pair a delicious glass of Rendola Rosso Toscano wine with a wide array of hearty meals such as roasted lamb, filet mignon, rib roast or premium game meats. The bold flavor and supple acidity of this balanced red makes it ideal for serving alongside upscale, rich dishes of red meat and premium selections of poultry and cured meats. A stylish companion to many entrees, this gorgeous Italian red is a feast in every bottle.