Flowers for Newborn Baby Celebration 

July 07, 2023 3 min read

New Baby Flowers Delivery

Celebrate your family, friends or co-workers who have just welcomed a newborn. This is the most exciting and overwhelming time in a new parent’s life, and they deserved to be showered with congratulations and love. Send gorgeous flowers for a newborn baby celebration and welcome them into the world. 

What flowers to send for New Baby Celebration

There is an abundance of different flowers that you can select from to send to parents who have just had a newborn baby. No one specific flower is dedicated to the sentiment of congratulations and support, so there is a variety to choose from. You can select a flower arrangement that has one specific flower, or pick something that has a variety or mixed flowers within the bouquet

Some popular flowers to send to new parents and their newborn include: 






Is it appropriate to send flowers to parents? 

Sending flowers is an excellent and sincere way to express your congratulations to parents during this exciting time. Welcoming their little one into the world is the most special thing, and parents should be reminded how loved and celebrated they are. A flower arrangement is an elegant and classy way to let them know you are thinking of them. They make great baby gifts that celebrate the parents and acknowledge the birth of their newborn.

Include Your Congratulations with a Message

Every flower gift should include a personalized message with your congratulations, adoration and support. This makes a gift extra special and personable when the sentiment attached is sincere. You can include your well wishes and that will be held dear to the parents heart. 

Some examples of message you can have on the card are:

“Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!”

“Many congratulations to you both on your beautiful new baby.”

“So happy for you both! Wishing you all the happiness and health during this exciting time with your little one.”

The closer you are to the person, the more you can make it personal and include sweet sayings and sentiments you both share. If you are sending it to a co-worker who has just welcomed a baby, it is important to be expressive, but remain professional. 

Add a Bottle of Wine or Bubble

If you want to maximize the gift opportunity, or are looking for an excellent addition to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then you can choose a bottle of wine or bubble. We offer luxurious wines or prosecco that create an excellent combination to be gifted to new parents.

Browse through our various red, white and rose wine bottles and Italian prosecco that are wonderful gifts. This can be kept for future gatherings or shared with family after the parents have settled with their newborn. Mix a bottle with a gorgeous roses bouquet, or a mixed flower arrangement.

When to send Flowers to New Parents

When someone you know and love is expecting a baby, it is an extremely exciting time. As the due date nears, it becomes more and more exciting for the parents and their family and friends. Sending a gift to new parents to celebrate their newborn is acceptable any time close to when the baby is due or after they’re born. If you know the baby’s gender ahead of time, or like neutral colored baskets, there are many baby gifts to choose from to send prior to the birth. You can decide to wait until the parents are home after the hospital, and take a few days for them to settle with their little one. A congratulations baby gift is excellent to be sent to the new parents residency once they are home and settled. 

How To Order Flowers For a Newborn

Using an online flower shop makes purchasing flowers extremely easy and efficient. You can purchase a flower bouquet for a newborn from the comfort of your home or office, without having to go to a flower shop. Sometimes our schedules are extremely busy and there is no time to go out, therefore buying flowers to send online makes it stress free and easier. 

Select the stunning flower arrangement of your choosing from striking red or white roses to a lavish mixed bouquet filled with colors and hues that are beautiful. Choose a stunning bouquet of 6, 12 or 24 red or white roses, or choose a breathtaking mixed bouquet with an array of stunning flowers. Input the correct shipping information and have flowers delivered anywhere in Ontario. Same day delivery applies to all flower orders placed by 11am going within Toronto and GTA. You will receive an email confirmation once the delivery has been completed.

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