Flowers For Pride Month

June 07, 2023 2 min read

Pride Week Flower Delivery

Celebrate this pride month with gorgeous flower blooms full of color. Give the gift of stunning flower bouquets and arrangements to those celebrating pride, or attending pride festivities. Spread a colorful and uplifting flower gift of light, positivity and radiance. 

My Flowers provides top quality flowers and arrangements to choose from. Same day flower delivery in Toronto and GTA when ordered before 11am. We can ship pride flowers anywhere outside these areas in Ontario the next business day.

Pride Flag

The pride flag is a symbolic representation of the LGBT community. Each of the colors have a significant meaning and represent the diversity of the community. Gilbert Baker is the creator of the original design pride flag, which originally contained 8 colors, and now only has 6. 

The meaning behind the six colors of the flag are: 

RED-  Life 

ORANGE- Healing

YELLOW- Sunlight

GREEN- Nature

INDIGO- Serenity 

PURPLE - Spirit

These are all beautiful meanings and relevant to a lot of everyday life. These qualities are representative in our daily lives, and relate amazingly to flowers and florists. The essence of nature, sunlight and serenity are a lot of affirmations and things that flowers require to blossom and continuously grow. 

Pride Parade in Toronto

Pride Toronto takes place for the duration of June, starting June 1st until June 30th. There are many events around the city that are celebrated and shared amongst many to honor pride month. This includes live music, pool parties, festivities around the city that people can attend for free. 

The main pride parade is set to take place on Sunday June 25th, 2023 at 2pm in downtown Toronto starting from Bloor Street and Church street to the infamous Yonge and Dundas Square.

Pride Flowers

Happy Pride! There are many different flowers that are representative and to be inclusive of the LGBTQ community. You can send luxurious flower bouquets to those celebrating this month or to have solidarity and support. 

Some popular pride flowers include:

Green Carnations


Rainbow Mixed Roses



Choose a mixed bouquet consisting of many of these colorful and gorgeous flowers. Or you can choose a flower arrangement of one of these flowers only. There are many different options to choose from, and you can choose a unique bouquet you feel best represents the recipient you are buying them for. Flowers have always been a wonderful gift of love, embrace, support and genuinity.

A popular go to from My Flowers is the 12 mixed roses. With rainbow colors and mixed, warm colors, this mixed bouquet is fresh and captivating with its charm and beauty. The luxurious mixed flower arrangements are also wonderful as they have a mixture of various flowers that compliment one another and create a stunning visual.

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