Wedding Party Flowers

June 15, 2023 3 min read

Wedding Party Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of weddings from decor to accessories and gifts. They are symbolic of love, celebration, support and gratitude. Every couple dreams of having a gorgeous wedding ceremony with the most perfect flowers. It elevates the look and experience of a wedding for the bride and groom, bridal party and guests. 

Prepare Flowers For Your Wedding Party 

Every wedding party is an integral part of each wedding. To have the individuals you love the most stand by your side on a very important day is magical. Flowers are incorporated for every bridal party, as bridesmaids carry bouquets down the aisle, and groomsmen have their flower boutonnieres. There are numerous types of wedding bouquet flowers that are chosen to represent and decorate a wedding hall, it can be an overwhelming yet exciting task to complete.

Does the wedding party have to have flowers?

All weddings are different with different traditions, religious beliefs and so on, therefore there is no wrong answer. Many weddings do however uphold the tradition of having their bridesmaids walk with flowers in the church and hall for the ceremony. The ring bearer and flower girl typically have some flowers as well that are worn or carried when they are taking place in the ceremony.

Do bridesmaids walk with flowers?

Wedding bouquets for bridesmaids are very common when they are at the church or hall for the ceremony. Each bridesmaid typically has the same variation of the bouquet. The bride and groom, with the help of a florist, determine which flowers they like the most that the bridesmaids will then walk with. Some often choose to let them wear a matching corsage to the bouquet, which will elevate the look even more.

Popular Wedding Flowers

There are many different types of flowers for wedding parties that can be used. Typically white flowers are associated with weddings, however there have been numerous color schemes that couples use for their weddings with sometimes vibrant and colorful flowers. They are chosen artistically in association to the theme and aesthetic that the bride and groom choose for the wedding. Listed below are some of the most popular types of wedding flowers.

What are three popular wedding flowers?

Three of the most popular wedding flowers include roses, peonies and calla lilies. These flowers are used as decor in the wedding hall for backdrops, centerpieces and bouquets throughout the space. They can also make up the bouquets for the bridal party, the wedding bouquet to toss and any corsages that are worn.


Roses have been a classic symbol of love and purity for decades. White roses are the most popular flower that have been a part of weddings. They are elegant and stunning, usually added for a more modernized theme and decor. With neutral tones, they create a timeless essence, and will live on through photographs in time to come.


These flowers are also extremely well known for weddings, with peonies being one of the most popular for bridal bouquets and centerpieces. With gorgeous different colors, these flowers are captivating and stunning to use on your special wedding day. These are also popular for the bridesmaids bouquets with mixtures of whites and pinks.

Calla Lillies 

Some weddings incorporate photo walls or backdrops where guests can take photographs as memories. The bridal party and new couple also have their photographs taken while beautiful flowers such as lilies are incorporated in the bouquets. Usually neutral and light hues including white, pinks and purples.

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