5 Types of Naturally Green Coloured Flowers

November 23, 2023 2 min read

Green Plants

5 Types of Naturally Green Flowers

Flowers come in many different colors, however green is predominant in a large majority of them and bouquets. From green stems, green leaves and green flowers, trees, grass, there are many beautiful types that are popular and incorporated into gardening, flower arrangements and decor. 


The color green has many meanings and symbolism behind it. Green can represent balance, harmony and growth. It is seen throughout nature and is typically associated with the seasons of spring and summer. This color is completely versatile as seen in many parts all around the world and on Earth throughout nature’s beauty.


5 Types of Flowers That Are Naturally Green 

There are many beautiful and unique types of flowers that are naturally green, that are found in gardens and nature. Below is a list of 5 naturally green flowers:

Button flower 

Popularly known as the button pom flower, these little button shaped flowers are a green type of chrysanthemum. They have a bright, vibrant green color with a unique button, circular shape. It has small petals that are tightly close together to create the button pom shape. This flower represents the meanings of cheerfulness, hope and optimism. When button poms are placed within your garden or planted in a vase, they will bring a positive, uplifting aura and energy to any room they are in. 

Anastasia spider mum 

The Anastasia spider mum, also known as Green Spiders, have gotten their name due to their unique petals and formation that are similar to an actual spider. These flowers grow on a single stem with a large flower head which then has many spider-like petals that are growing from it. This flower can be extremely versatile and placed as a filler or focal point of many flower arrangements and bouquets. With its bright green color, these create a liveliness and one a kind symbolism used in wedding bouquets or arrangements as gifts to others. 


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