How Ecuador Roses Arrive To Canada

March 15, 2023 4 min read

Ecuador Roses Toronto

Every beautiful flower has a backstory. Do you ever wonder where the roses and flowers you receive come from? The roses and flowers that are majorly used across Ontario and Canada, have a significant journey and history. 

Where does Canada get roses from?

Predominantly, all of our premium roses and flowers are from Ecuador. There are many roses and flower farms in their country that produce stunning flowers. The plantation includes a lot of land with a variety of flowers being grown and maintained. With the location of the country being close to the equator, there are hundreds of species grown, more than any other country in the world. 

There are also exceptional flower farms in Colombia that also produce gorgeous flowers that are shipped to Canada as well. These countries have excellent production and products, which are then professionally cut, wrapped and shipped to parts of the world, including Canada. 

How are the roses harvested when on the farms?

The dedicated farm workers wake up extremely early in order to be out in the fields for sunrise and cut the flowers. They are hardworking and extremely knowledgeable about the flowers, which is why they produce excellent quality stems. If the flowers are healthy (petals, leaves, stems), they are cut and put in a basket to bring for post-harvest. Once they are brought here, they begin to bring them down to room temperature and begin to provide the correct care for hydration. 

The flowers that are sustained and remain fresh move on to the next part of production. They are watched over and brought to a temperature where they can live if planted or placed in a vase. This part is crucial for the flowers to ensure the top quality stems and blooms are the ones that are exported. Once they are hydrated and healthy, they are bunched, stacked and placed in boxes to ship. 

How are roses shipped?

You may wonder how to import flowers to Canada from Ecuador or Colombia. Once the flowers and roses are correctly placed and boxed, they are sent to the airport the same night as harvest. Overnight, the flowers are flown and land in Miami, USA. There is a crucial transition that must be made between the airplane and the cooler for the flowers due to Miami’s extremely warm temperatures. It is vital for these flowers to be placed in the cooler as soon as possible because once flowers that are packed begin to overheat, the lifespan starts to be affected (dehydration, fungus, dew, etc). 

After each of the packages are cleared through customs, they must be cooled. It is important for the flowers to maintain the same temperature that they were brought down to on the farms. Within one day, they are brought from the Ecuador roses farm to storage in Miami.

From Miami, the flowers start to be driven with transport trucks (UPS, Fedex, etc) to fulfillment departments and stores where they are required. This can take 1-2 days depending on the location of where they are going, however it is an extremely short turnaround time. There is no third party distributor involved when they are delivered, but rather directly to our warehouse in which they are cared for by in-house florists.

My Flowers Quality Control 

The Ecuadorian roses and flowers that we receive are then processed by our professional florists. The stems are cut and placed in a cool temperature environment where they can be kept healthy. They are consistently hydrated and maintained for longevity. Ecuador roses blossom into beautiful, large flowers that are captivating and breathtaking. The flowers are beautiful and with healthy stems. As these are processed, only the top-quality flowers are used within bouquets and arrangements to ensure the best looking visuals. 

Roses Delivery

Our roses bouquets are beautifully made and hand-tied. The roses bouquets come in red, white or mixed colored options, which make them ideal for any celebration or reason to send. We offer roses delivery in Ontario and Quebec with free shipping on all flower orders that are $100 or more. All those that are ordered for within Toronto and the GTA will be hand delivered. This excellent roses delivery provides an opportunity to surprise your loved ones during special moments in their life.

What happens if we receive a shipment of flowers that is not up to our standards?

Our maintained relationship with the team at the Ecuador farms is very important to us. They know that we are looking for top-quality products, and are knowledgeable about what to inspect prior to sending us the flowers. If flowers are shipped that are not the freshest looking, or healthiest then it can cause a strain on our dedication and reputation to providing only the best flowers to clients. It rarely occurs, however when it does we work with the farm to ensure that it does not happen again, and a new batch of healthy, gorgeous flowers and roses is sent to us.

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