The 2023 Complete Guide To Roses

October 05, 2023 4 min read

The Complete Guide To Roses

Choosing roses and receiving roses is a heartwarming and genuine gesture. It lets us know that there are people thinking of us during life’s most significant moments. Many individuals choose roses that appeal to them, that look beautiful or an arrangement that looks full; however they do not think about the meaning behind the colors of the flowers. Whether it is a bouquet of one roses color only, or a mixed bouquet with many different roses colors, each one is representative of a different meaning. This blog will explore the deeper symbolism behind each rose color that can help you determine which ones you pick on certain occasions.

The 2023 Complete Guide to Rose Colour Meaning 

As we learn the meaning behind each rose color, it can alter the choices we make when sending a bouquet. Depending on the occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or sympathy roses can represent different things. Sometimes certain colors are more appropriate than others, so this is important to keep in mind when choosing roses. 

Meaning Behind the Colors - Blue, Red, etc


Red roses are the most popular and well known rose color to exist. They are a symbol of deep and romantic love, to let someone know your passion, admiration and true devotion. When you give a gift of red roses, it is a sign and expression of true love, and they are extremely popular for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and special moments between significant others and loved ones. 

Bright Pink 

A bouquet of bright pink roses is a perfect color for couples, friends and special people in your life. They symbolize that you are appreciative and grateful that they are in your life. With deep meanings of appreciation, thankfulness and gratefulness, you can give wonderful bright pink roses bouquets to family members, good friends, bridesmaids or even close co-workers.

Light Pink 

All light pink or ‘pale pink’ roses have become extremely popular in bouquets as a neutral and modern color. They stand on their own, or can be incorporated in pastel or light colored roses bouquets. Light pink roses represent the feelings of appreciation. The delicate and gentle look of these roses make them amazing gifts for Mother’s Day, siblings birthdays or close friends. 


This is one of the most rare colored roses as they are not naturally grown and have to be made. Blue roses are absolutely stunning, and when gifting it to someone close to you, they symbolize uniqueness and being one of a kind. Perfect for anyone on their birthday or retirement, they are wonderful as a bouquet to put on display. 


Lavender roses have also become extremely popular recently with their neutral and gorgeous hues. They symbolize a sincere love to express to someone close to you, and show someone you care about them. Show your adoration for someone special by sending them a bouquet of lavender roses. 


The perfect rose color for friends, relatives or someone you hold dear to your heart. These yellow rose blooms represent friendship, loyalty and devotion which makes them the perfect choice for a birthday celebration, a thank you gift or simply to brighten someone’s day when they are feeling down. With their vibrant and bright color, they have a positive spirit that can uplift the aura in the room they are in. 


A perfect in between of yellow and red roses, where you will find the meaning and deeper significance of orange roses. Where yellow represents friendship and red represents love, when giving someone orange roses it symbolizes your true feelings or becoming friends to lovers. It can help express your energy, desire and passion for an individual as shown through their radiancy and exuberance. 


Peach roses are a wonderful rose color on its own, but also excellent when mixing modern and lighter hue colors together. This color represents genuinity, sincerity and sweet emotions. They are popularly used in bouquets for wedding flowers in warmer seasons, as well as mixed into bouquets for sympathy. Give someone a sweet wedding, bridal or sympathy bouquet to express your empathy. 


This is considered an extremely classy and elegant rose color, and attributed to sympathy flowers and bouquets or wedding and bridal flowers. These graceful white roses have dual meanings behind them with their charm and gorgeous visual. When someone loses a loved one or during a time of grief, a predominantly white bouquet with mixed neutral hues is always a solid choice. These can be sent to the funeral home or residency of those grieving. 

White roses are also extremely popular in the wedding and bridal industry. Many flowers used on these occasions incorporate white roses and other white flowers. It symbolizes everlasting love, devotion and eternity. 


You don’t often see black roses bouquets, as these are one of the more rare and unused colors. However, this does not deny their striking beauty. Similar to white roses, black roses also have different symbolism and meaning behind them. As they are extremely dark, this is usually representative of a sad time such as the end of a relationship. Some also say they symbolize a dark and deep lust or passion for an individual. Due to the different meanings behind their color, it is important to consider the occasion or event when sending black roses.

Mixed Color Roses

A completely unique twist on a standard bouquet of one colored rose. If you are having trouble deciding, or simply find it impossible to choose one color, you can send a mixed, multicolored roses bouquet. With vibrancy and radiant energy, mixed colored bouquets can uplift and bring such positivity in the message you want to convey. This is perfect for someone celebrating a birthday, graduation or retirement. The gesture of sending wonderful colored roses to someone is extremely sweet and heartfelt, that will be received kindly and appreciatively. 

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