Wedding Flowers

June 10, 2021 2 min read

Wedding Flowers

A wedding is such a joyful celebration. So much planning goes into making that special day perfect, and selecting the wedding flowers is an integral part of that. Weddings flowers are featured in wedding decorations, centerpieces and most importantly: the bride’s bouquet. It’s important to choose the best flowers for the occasion.

Best Wedding Flowers

The first thing a couple planning a wedding will ask is: how do we choose our wedding flowers? With so many wedding flower types and different purposes for each flower, the options can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s simple and easy to narrow it down. Consider your wedding color scheme. What colors are you using in the rest of your wedding decor? The wedding flowers you select should match your wedding colors for the best effect. 

When choosing between wedding flower packages, it’s also important to understand the theme of your wedding. Are you going for a simple, elegant style or whimsical, fairy tale aesthetic? The flowers you pick for the decor and the wedding flower bouquet should fit into the overall theme and appearance of your wedding. Both of these factors will help you choose the perfect wedding flowers for your special day. 

Wedding Flowers Ideas

When choosing the types of flowers for their wedding flower package, many couples want to know what are typical wedding flowers? What flowers are considered the classic wedding flowers, for the decorations and the wedding flower bouquet. While there isn’t one single standard wedding flower, there are some popular options that people love to include in their wedding flower decorations. For a classic, elegant white wedding bouquet, gardenias and roses are both popular choices. Each white blossom has a wide bloom, giving the wedding bouquet a full and extravagant appearance. 

Hydrangeas are also a popular option for wedding flowers, as they come in a beautiful array of colors and shades, and can be mixed with white hydrangeas for a touch of white wedding elegance. Other time honored wedding flower types are carnations, calla lilies and tulips. Don’t be afraid to mix and match a variety of flowers for a unique wedding flower bouquet and decorations that are exclusively for you. 

No matter the style, theme and colors of your wedding, the perfect flowers and floral wedding bouquets are out there to make your perfect celebration even more special. If you’re planning a wedding and are looking for wedding flower packages in Toronto, My Flowers Toronto can help you select the perfect the best wedding flower packages for your personal style. 

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