Why Are Flowers So Expensive?

November 02, 2021 2 min read

Why Are Flowers So Expensive?

Why are flowers so expensive? Anyone who has spent time looking into ordering flowers for special events such as weddings or bridal showers has likely asked themselves this question. So when you spend a small fortune on florals, what are you paying for? This blog discusses why flowers are so expensive. 

How Expensive are Flowers?

The typical cost of flowers can vary due to many different factors. The most expensive flower is one that’s difficult to cultivate and grow, and likely can only be grown under very specific circumstances. The more widely available and easy to grow and transport a certain blossom is, the more the cost is likely to come down. Other factors such as flower delivery and demand will play into the price you’re seeing when you look into ordering different blossom arrangements. 

Why do Flowers Cost so Much?

There are a number of reasons why the most expensive flowers cost so much money. One of the biggest factors determining the high cost of flowers is their growth, cultivation and transport. It requires a lot of manual labor to grow and maintain fields of flowers for mass production. The most popular flowers around the world, such as roses, peonies and tulips, have to be carefully cultivated in order to produce the highest quality blossoms. 

Even with careful tending, no two blooms grow in exactly the same way and despite the careful efforts of gardeners, farmers and those tending the fields, some blossoms just won’t be right for selling on the market. And after that, growing each flower is only one of the very first steps! After the flowers are ready to cut, gardeners have to ensure they make the cutting at exactly the right time. Too soon and the petals won’t bloom. Too late, and they’ll wilt far too early. 

Most Expensive Flowers

Transportation and storage is another tricky process that separates flowers from the field they’re grown and their arrival at your local flower shop ready for purchase. Flowers are delicate and finicky plants, and they have to be carefully stored and transported to ensure they arrive at the florists in perfect condition. 

All of these things contribute to raising the prices of flowers when florists make their purchases. When you look for flowers online or head into a flower shop, the prices waiting for you depend on both the price the florist paid, and an added cost to ensure their business can stay afloat. If they offer flower delivery, that’s another common factor for increasing the price of every bloom and bouquet. Florists and online flower shops with same day flower delivery will likely charge even more, as this premium service requires a lot of extra coordination.

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