Luxurious Savory Gift Basket

A beautiful, luxurious savory gift basket that contains an arrangement of decadent gourmet items. A lovely blend of savory items with the right amount of sweetness. This is a stunning gift to give to someone celebrating a milestone or special occasion. Same day delivery in Toronto and the GTA on all orders placed before 11am.

Fruit Compote - Made by Wildly Delicious, this blend of fig, pear and orange compote is delicious and locally made in Toronto.

Olive Tapenade - By Olive Branch, green olive tapenade that is made with goat cheese and seasoned with the right amount of chili and rosemary for a delicious spread on any bread or cracker.

Olive Oil - Premium extra virgin olive oil with a hint of roasted garlic flavour to taste that is also another hit made by Wildly Delicious.

Walnut Honey Olive Oil Crackers - Infused with flavours of walnut, honey and olive oil, these hexagon shaped crackers are the perfect accompaniment to any cheese.

Pickled Gherkins - Mini pickles that are distilled in malt vinegar that are perfect to put on any spread when having guests over.

Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon - A piece of smoked salmon with the perfect level of maple-glazed that can be added to a meal or served on a baguette.

Lindor Truffle Box (195g) - Famous Swiss chocolate with a variety of flavours in an assorted box.

Brie Cheese - >A decadent and creamy cheese that can be paired amazingly with crackers, breads, meats and on any spread platter.

Godiva Truffles - Milk, Godiva chocolate pieces that are filled with a caramel filling that will have any chocolate lover feel like they’re in heaven with each bite.

Maple Shortbread Cookies - Mini shortbread biscuits infused with maple flavours that are a unique treat and made with no preservatives.

Cheddar Biscuits - Shortbread cookies with a unique flavour of real Canadian cheddar that are delicious and a light snack.

Chocolate Truffles - French chocolate pieces made with rich chocolate ganache and cocoa powder that will melt in your mouth.

Shortbread Cookies - Crunchy and buttery shortbread flavoured cookies that will be impossible to have just one of.

Pretzels - A snack that has been around for decades. Savory and crunchy twists for a go-to snack.

Crackers -Infused olive oil and sea salt crackers that pair well with dips, cheeses and can be put on any snack platter.

Cookie It Up -Very crispy and thin cookies with the right amount of crunch that are made in Aurora, Ontario. A sprinkle of caramel and sea salt for the perfect treat.

Milk Chocolate Bar - Rich and smooth milk chocolate bar that is the best sweet tooth craving snack.

Potato Chips - With no preservatives or artificial flavours, these baked to perfection, crispy chips are made in British Columbia. An ideal go-to for a late night snack.

Assorted Nuts - >A pack of assorted nuts including cashews, almonds, pistachios and more.

Olives - >Green, Spanish olives with a pit that are savoury and a delightful light snack.

Honey Mustard Wafers-Crispy wafers infused with mustard flavours and a hint of honey for a stunningly tasting gourmet snack.

Toast for Cheese Crackers from England - Made from England, these crispy and flavoured with candied and nutty infusion of hazelnuts, dates and pumpkins seeds.

Ma’s Kitchen Chocolate - A delicious milk chocolate bar with a layer of crunchy toffee and mixed with cashews and nuts. A sweet treat for chocolate lovers.

Dark Chocolate Bar - A 70% dark chocolate bar made with rich and sweet flavour.

Premium Velvet Sunrise Coffee (400g) - Locally roasted in Toronto, a delicious bag of coffee blend that is perfect to brew first thing in the morning to start your day.

Feiny Biscuits - Coated with chocolate and filled in the centre with a hazelnut filling, these crunchy wafers are the perfect snack to have with your coffee.

Godiva Chocolate Covered Almonds - Almonds covered in Godiva milk chocolate for an amazing tasting treat.

Caramel Popcorn -Popped popcorn layered in a caramel coating that makes the ultimate savoury and sweet treat.

Puretea Tea - Locally made tea that has bergamot flavour and is a great way to start your morning.

Maple Shortbread Cookies - Delicious shortbread cookies that are infused with maple flavour for a light snack and locally made in Ontario.

Sorini Truffles - Italian milk chocolate truffles with cappuccino cream flavour for a unique tasting chocolate treat.

Potato Chips - Made in British Columbia with all natural ingredients with no artificial flavours and is cholesterol and trans fat free.

Hand Woven Rattan Basket -A stunning basket that brings the whole gift basket together. An aesthetically pleasing basket with a beautiful way to display all of the products inside. It can be repurposed around the house or office as storage or anything else.