Classic Cabernet and Roses

This Classic Cabernet and Roses gift includes:  

BERINGER FOUNDERS ESTATE WINE (750 mL) - Vanilla, chocolate and oak comprise the core flavor profile of this dry red wine from the Beringer Founders Estate collection. Underscored by subtle notes of blackberry and dark fruit, this delightful Cabernet is medium bodied and wonderfully fruity. 

CLASSIC RED ROSE BOUQUET - 12 vivid red roses are artfully arranged in a stunning classic bouquet. Ideal for gifting a token of your admiration, affection and respect, red rose bouquets are a timeless gift for the people you love. 

A bold and delicious cabernet sauvignon from Beringer Vineyards and a beautiful bouquet of one dozen roses is a classic gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. Send a thoughtful gift of wine and roses to your loved ones as they celebrate. 

No matter the occasion or intended recipient, this classic cabernet and roses gift is an elegant present for creating a lasting impression.