Beringer premium Chardonnay wine

A beautiful and flavorful bottle of upscale wine from one of California's oldest and most famous wineries. This Chardonnay has a bright taste with a fruity flavour enhanced by its zesty acidity. This delicious white wine has a smooth bouquet and delicate scent with notes of pear and citrus. Waft the pleasant aroma over your senses for a delightful fruity scent and just a hint of subtle vanilla. The taste of this fine wine leaves a delicate tang on the tongue and finishes with a gentle spice that entrances the taste buds. 

If you're looking for an upscale wine to pair with a premium meal such as buttery lobster or other creamy, rich dishes, this smooth Chardonnay is the perfect complement. The right wine is the most important addition to any dish and a bottle of premium label Beringer Chardonnay wine is the ideal companion for your favourite meals. A sure hit at dinner parties and celebrations, gift a bottle of this elegant wine to impress friends and surprise loved ones.