Elegant Delight

A stunning and elegant gift basket filled with decadent gourmet items that are a lovely gift to give to someone celebrating a special occasion. Whether it be a birthday, graduation, significant time in someone’s life, this gift basket is perfect for family, friends or co-workers. Personalize your own card message, and send this beautifully wrapped gift today.

Godiva Truffles -These oyster shaped Godiva chocolates are rich milk chocolate that are filled with a hazelnut filling that is creamy and delicious.

Cookies -Very thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies that are made with the finest chocolate for the perfect sweet tooth craving.

Godiva Chocolate -Mouth watering pieces of milk chocolate that are infused with salted caramel toffee flavour to make it the ultimate treat that will leave you wanting more.

Caramel Popcorn -The perfect blend of salty and sweet, freshly popped popcorn layered in caramel makes the perfect snack for any craving.

Chocolate Truffles -French milk chocolate truffles made with ganache and cocoa powder. Smooth and creamy texture, these mini truffles are a chocolate delight.

Covered Almonds -From the famous Lamontagne Chocolate, these are coffee flavoured almonds to add an extra bit of delicious taste to your palette. A change up from chocolate covered almonds, will make these coffee covered almonds your new favourite snack.

Shortbread Cookies - Classic shortbread cookies infused with butter and sweet taste that will leave you wanting more.

Pretzels -A classic snack of salted twists that are the perfect savoury crisp you will need!

Cheddar Biscuits - Made with real Canadian cheddar, these shortbread cookies are the perfect gourmet snack and can be added to any spread.

Milk Chocolate Bar -Locally made in Canada, this rich chocolate bar is delicious and perfect for any chocolate lover.