Healthy Goodies Basket

A snack gift basket with healthy alternatives that are just as sweet.

Sweet Potato Chips - Made from Hardbite, these lightly salted, crispy chips are full of flavour. Made Gluten-free and with fresh ingredients of sweet potatoes, canola oil that is non-hydrogenated and sunflower oil with salt. Simple yet delicious.

Roasted Pea Pops -Nut free and organic healthy pea pops that are roasted with delicious flavour. Lightly salted, these crispy crunchers will leave you wanting more and are a perfect craving for when wanting something similar to chips.

Crispy Rice Squares - Made from the popular Made Good company, these marshmallow infused treats are gluten and nut free, with a delicious taste.

Ginger Chews - Gem Gem creates a sweet ginger candy for the perfect twist of sweet and spice. Made with ginger and its following healthy benefits, these are the perfect healthy treat. A perfect treat for when you have a sweet tooth craving.

Dark Chocolate Bar -Locally made in Canada, a delicious dark chocolate bar made with 70% dark chocolate. Rich and full of flavour, this is the perfect touch of chocolate in this gift basket.

Dried Cranberries -Organic dried cranberries that are gluten free and made with natural sweet flavours such as apple juice. With all natural ingredients and no modifications, these cranberries are soft and delicious.

Pretzels -An iconic, twisted and salted treat that are delicious as a snack or with a dip. A perfect pair that can be used with melted chocolate as well for the perfect dessert.