Luxury Gourmet Gift

A luxury signature gourmet gift basket is the perfect gift basket incorporated with all decadent gourmet items. Using the finest products from around the world, anybody who receives this gift basket will truly appreciate the variety and taste of all the items. If you are looking to send a gift basket to your corporate team, co-workers, or a family member, be sure to send them this luxurious gift basket. Wrapped beautifully in cellophane, and tied together with a handmade bow.

Lindor Chocolate Truffles -The famous Lindor Chocolate that are a variety of different flavours all within one box. Milk, white, dark chocolate and more!

Ma’s Kitchen Chocolate -A milk chocolate bar with a bottom layer of toffee that makes this bar super sweet and crunchy. The decadent flavours of this artisan chocolate bar will leave you wanting more.

Gourmet Cookies - Locally made from Cookie it Up, small chocolate chip cookies that are perfect for any sweet craving.

Caramel Popcorn -The ultimate blend of sweet and Salty, Spudniks lightly popped popcorn layered with caramel is the best combination for a nice treat.

Potato Chips -The perfect crisp and crunch you will need! Made with natural ingredients, these potato chips are one like you have never had before.

French Chocolate Truffles - Chocolate truffles made with ganache and coated in cocoa powder for these rich and creamy chocolate pieces.

Honey Mustard Biscuits - Famously produced by Vedujin with aged gouda, hints of honey and mustard to make these crispy wafers sensational.

Maple Shortbread Cookies - Shortbread cookies made with flavours of sweet maple for a delicious snack.

Crackers -Artisan style crackers infused with olive oil and sea salt for the perfect accompaniment to cheeses, dips and more.

Pretzels -The iconic salted twists that are a savoury snack and can be shared at any gathering with family or friends.

Gourmet Cookies - Shortbread cookies that are impossible to just have one of. They are sure to impress anyone they are shared with.

Milk Chocolate Bar - A rich, milk chocolate bar locally made in Quebec.

Cheddar Biscuits - Shortbread cookies made with real cheddar that make these delicious snacks and have a unique flavour like no other biscuit.