Mary Meyer Bear Plush

An adorable plush teddy bear from Mary Meyer, this cuddly and soft plush bear is the perfect present for newborns, toddlers and small children. Part of the special Putty Bears collection from Mary Meyer. Each fuzzy friend in this wholesome collection is made from extra soft material, expertly crafted to make this plush safe and ideally suited for even the smallest kids. There’s no need to worry over small parts or jagged bits, this plush is loveable and huggable all over.

Whether you’re welcoming a new baby yourself or looking for a wonderful gift for a friend or family members baby shower, this adorable bear is the ideal present. A wholesome friend for every adorable child, you can feel assured that each Mary Meyer bear is a high quality dependable toy for the little ones. Gift a plush bear on its own or send it along with one of our incredible baby gift baskets.