Premium Coffee Velvet Sunrise 400 Grams

Velvet Sunrise Premium Coffee (400 grams) is made with fresh, high quality and locally ground coffee beans. Velvet Sunrise offers only the freshest coffee beans for a bold, smooth taste that’s a delight for coffee connoisseurs. Velvet Sunrise makes coffee for people that love coffee because they’re coffee lovers too. There is no better place to find premium ground coffee beans to prepare in your own home. Each sip of fresh brewed Velvet Sunrise coffee will make you think you must have purchased this cup directly from a high end coffee shop, instead of brewing it yourself!

Any selection of bold, rich coffee from Velvet Sunrise is a wonderful addition to each of our premium gift baskets. Surprise your friends and family with a thoughtful, personal gift perfect for any celebration. Coffee enthusiasts will especially appreciate this deluxe selection of quality coffee