Surprise Roses and Champagne Gift Set

A romantic gift of Champagne and Roses is the perfect perfect surprise for her. Put a smile on her face with a stunning bouquet of 12 roses and a premium bottle of Champagne. Our flowers and champagne gift combo is a charming romantic surprise.

This Champagne and Roses Gift includes:

MOET CHANDON 750 mL - Premium full size bottle of Champagne

DOZEN RED ROSES - Deluxe selection of 12 long steam roses

Every couple enjoys a romantic surprise, where they can feel swept off their feet by the one they love. Let us help you with a grand romantic gesture of one dozen elegant red roses and a selection of premium champagne. 

The ideal gift for your anniversary as a couple, Valentines day or date night, or even just a spur of the moment romantic surprise just because. There is no occasion when she won’t be delighted and thrilled to receive your thoughtful flower and champagne gift. There really is no better way to express your affection than with this timeless romantic combination, the classic pairing of elegant roses and champagne.

This heartfelt gift set includes a deluxe selection of 12 of our elegant blossoms, artfully arranged in an extravagant bouquet. Our roses are best kept in a vase with water. They require minimum attention and allow you to enjoy your bouquet of a dozen fresh full bloom red roses for up to 10 days. 

Each stunning bouquet is complemented with a choice of one of our premium champagnes, best enjoyed chilled or on ice. This romantic gift can be presented in a stylish box, or in a sleek metal bucket that makes for a sophisticated presentation. The bucket doubles as the perfect way to put your champagne on ice for an extra romantic touch.