Roses and Wine Luxury Gift

This Roses and Wine Luxury Gift includes: 

BERINGER MAIN AND VINE (750 mL) - A dry red wine from the Main and Vine collection of Beringer Vineyards in California. Strong flavors of cherry and ripe blackberry are contrasted with subtle hints of vanilla and smokey oak. With medium body and acidity, this wonderfully fruity wine is a delicious indulgence. 

LUXURY ROSE BOUQUET - A charming bouquet of 12 red roses is an ideal gift for sending during times of celebration, happiness and excitement. Red is the color of passion and love, and every vibrant rose in this bouquet represents another way you can show your love for people special to you. 

The classic pairing of roses and wine is an elegant gift ideal for enjoying during special occasions. Send a gift of Beringer Main and Vine cabernet and a luxury bouquet of red roses as friends and family celebrate the important moments in their lives.