All About Autumn Flowers 

April 23, 2023 3 min read

All About Autumn Flowers 

When thinking of autumn,  the first things that come to mind are cooler weather, sweater season, leaves changing, and warm colors with many different flowers. There are wonderful choices that can make great additions to your garden this fall. There is nothing more appealing than warm colored flowers on a relaxing, cool evening. 

Here are excellent fall flower choices that can make any garden extra beautiful, or be used as wonderful decor in the home. 

Add some cheer with brightful Chrysanthemums 

If you are in need of a change of scenery within your garden, or are looking for a bright incorporation that will make it more delightful, choose chrysanthemums. They can be planted in soil, or placed in containers to be added as decor on a porch or patio, even hanging pots. You can select from the various colors that chrysanthemums come in from an array of yellow, red, purple, lavender, multicolored or white. 

Chrysanthemums are perennials and therefore should be planted in summer within cooler regions which provides them time to develop their shallow roots. If they are planted in the fall, they can last a few weeks with the proper care, however should be placed under mulch to help preserve them over the winter season. They require 6 hours of sun daily, and soil that is well-draining. It is important to plant them a few feet apart for proper circulation, and a chance to dry between being watered. 

Keep a ray of positive sunshine with Sunflowers

Once we reach the fall season, warm temperatures begin to drop and we begin to see the sun set earlier in the day. Although autumn is predominantly known for its warmer, darker color tones, you can decide to keep a positive, brighter sunflower in your garden or potted plants. The most common planted variation of a sunflower in the fall is called a black-eyed Susan, which is also one of the most common wildflowers in all over North America. Known to grow in vast soil conditions, these flowers are cheerful, bright and sunny. Nothing like keeping the feeling of summer alive even in the fall.

Beautiful Asters attracts beautiful butterflies

Asters are perennial flowers that bloom in late summer and into the fall in both warmer and cooler regions. These flowers are particularly captivating because of their star shape, and come in an array of multiple colors. You can select purple, blue, yellow, pink and more asters to add a flair of color to your garden or potted plants on your veranda. They are known for attracting butterflies and bees that cannot resist the beautiful flower. 

These flowers grow best in fertile soil when they are planted a few feet apart which allows air circulation to occur. An important fact about asters is that if they receive too much water or soaking on the leaves and flowers, they are susceptible to mildew. It is vital to water solely the soil that is underneath them. 

Give your potted plants a hint of color with Pansies

Pansies are best when they are grown in the fall because it gives them the opportunity to grow sturdy flowers and roots. These have always been known as fall flowers, with their cool colors - purple, yellow, blue, peach, red and dual colors. They are very easy to grow and add the perfect amount of color to any plant or garden they are in. This flower is also a perennial and grows annually. Unlike many other flowers, pansies do require sun, however they must have some shade when the weather is extremely warm. Pansies must be watered thoroughly and often in order for them to continuously grow and bloom, while being planted in fertile, rich soil.

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