Popular Spring Flowers

April 13, 2023 3 min read

Spring is upon us and so are the growth of many gorgeous, colorful blooms. With warmer weather and more sunshine brings feelings of optimism, hope and rejuvenation. Spring is also the time of year that we begin to see many flowers blossom, and start planning our garden for the upcoming season. It can be a mix of perennials and planting new bulbs or flowers, which will create an incredible arrangement of a variety of flowers.

Below is a list of some of the most popular spring flowers that would be a wonderful addition to any garden. However, they can also be placed indoors as decor or in a vase as centerpieces. 


A stunning bulb shaped flower that blooms into a beautiful flower and stem. With numerous different colors of vibrancy including pastels, tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers. Tulips can grow up to 30 inches tall and are known to bloom at any time of the season (early bloomers or late blooming types). They can be planted and grown in a garden amongst others or kept in a container vase to make a beautiful display piece. 

Tulips should be grown in soil that is well-draining with access to the sun. The bulbs should be covered completely when planted and they should be watered. Some tulips planted in the fall will have to wait many weeks of a frigid, cold winter before they blossom in the spring.


Daffodils are a staple spring flower. They are known for being early bloomers and come in various different colors that include pink, white, yellow or orange. Daffodils are known for their little cup-like center surrounded by 5-6 petals. They are stunning additional flowers in the garden or can be placed in a vase. The best time to begin planning daffodils is in the fall. They thrive the best with a mix of some sunlight and partial shade. 


These classy and breathtaking Iris flowers are named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow. Native to Asia and the Mediterranean, some of the original and most beautiful forms are found here.  They start blooming in the spring and into the summer, with over 300 different types and variations existing in the world. Iris flowers grow best in neutral soil that is well-draining with 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. They attract different birds and butterflies during warm weathered days, but should be avoided by pets as they can be toxic to them.


One of the most common flowers that are known and seen throughout the spring time are Forsythias. They are low maintenance shrubs that grow extremely well with good weather. Stunning yellow blooms that grow with extremely long branches and stems. These flowers grow best with a few hours of sunlight each day, and soil with good drainage, and some water. When they are first planted, they require more water, but after they are grown and established they can go once in a while with being given water. They make a charming choice for any garden they are placed in as they can only be grown outside and not indoors. 


Hyacinth flowers are perennials that can live for a couple of years and be regrown. They grow from bulbs, with leaves being formed around each of them. With different colors of white, blue, pink or purple, they can bring a vibrant touch to the look of any garden. These flowers can also be potted and brought inside to care for and decor. Perfect for the springtime and Easter holiday, they bring a sense of cheer and positivity with their elegance and captivating colors.


An extremely fragrant flower, lilacs bloom in late spring and early summer. They are shrubs that are native to Asia and Europe with now over 1,000 different variations of the flower.. They are grown with big green leaves surrounding them, with small 4 petals taking the form of the flower. In North America, the most common grown lilac is known as the common lilac. They can be grown in bunches to form a  bush or singularly in a garden. Known to only last a few weeks, lilac flowers blossom only in the spring.

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