Best Tulip Festivals Around The World 

April 03, 2023 3 min read

Spring is right around the corner which means warmer weather is upon us and spring flowers begin to bloom. There are many cities around the world that are beginning to prepare for annual festivals to celebrate one of springtime’s favorite flowers, tulips! These beautiful flowers come in various bright and pastel colors, and only appear for a short period of the year in spring and summer. Here is a list of very popular tulip festivals taking place around the world that you can attend this spring to honor the tulips blooms. 

Canadian Tulip Festival 

This festival takes place in Ottawa, Ontario for 10 days in the month of May.

The Canadian Tulip Festival has taken place in Ottawa annually since 1953 to celebrate this Spring flower. Tulips hold a special meaning to Canadians, which represent a strong bond made with the Netherlands during the second world war. 

With over 1 million tulips and known to be the biggest tulip festival in the world, there are many activities that can be done over the course of the festival. There are many restaurants located throughout the park and beautiful art pieces that can be viewed and enjoyed. You can visit food markets, go on a ghost tour and watch movie screenings they offer. The Canadian Tulip festival is a monumental and special time of the year and can be visited by anyone.


Keukenhof takes place in Lisse, Netherlands beginning at the end of March until mid May. 

This beautiful spring garden festival has over 800 different types of tulips creating many sights to take in. These blooms can be viewed by attendees via bike, boat or on foot. Keukenhof not only has stunning flowers, however they also host stunning artwork to be viewed. It is a family friendly event that can be attended with entertainment for all ages including mazes, a petting zoo and treasure hunt. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy and can be a beautiful outing for the day if you are looking for something to do. 

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 

Held in Skagit Valley, Washington for the entire month of April since 1983. 

For decades, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has dedicated a beautiful festival in honoring the spring flower during this season. People from all other states (and even other countries) attend this beautiful tulip festival, garnering over 1 million visitors. The uniqueness of this festival is that there isn’t one place where all the tulips are grown and placed but rather spread across the entirety of Skagit Valley city. The whole family can attend as there are many other enticing things to see and do including a parade, art exhibits and a fair. 

Albany Tulip Festival 

A beautiful tulip festival taking place in Albany, New York for a couple of days in mid May.

Nothing beats the beautiful greenery and flowers that are in Albany. The Albany Tulip Festival is one of the major events in the city in the spring, that many thousands of people attend. With more than 100,000 tulips, this festival embraces the beauty of the spring flower that so many love. The festival also includes food trucks, vendors, art exhibits, a Kids area dedicated to entertaining the young ones, and stages that are occupied with singing and dancing for live entertainment. 

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