Best Baby Shower Flowers

July 19, 2021 2 min read

Best Baby Shower Flowers

When it’s time to celebrate a new little life being brought into the world, everyone is always overjoyed. Whether you’re welcoming a newborn or getting ready for its arrival, baby showers are always a joyous occasion to share love and excitement with the people you love. If you’re looking to express your genuine affection for the new or expecting family with a charming bouquet of flowers, then you might want to know which are the best baby shower flowers. 

Can you give flowers for a baby shower?

Flowers are a classic gift for times of celebration and excitement, making them perfect for offering a token of love to new parents at a baby shower. A striking gift of flowers for a baby shower is a timeless present that shows how you’re thinking of your loved ones in this exciting time. 

Baby Shower Flower Bouquet


Alstroemeria is a flower also referred to as a Peruvian lily. It is one of the most popular and classic baby shower flowers, as it looks much like a smaller, more delicate version of a lily. This “baby lily” is a perfect addition to any bunch of flowers for baby showers, and represents friendship, love, and devotion.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s Breath is the name we commonly use to refer to the Gypsophila flower. This dainty, sweet smelling white flower is very commonly added as an extra touch to bouquets of all different flowers. The tiny white blossoms and alluring fragrance mean no baby shower bouquet is complete without some baby’s breath buds. 


Roses are one of the most popular blossoms for any and all occasions. You’ll be hard pressed to find an event or celebration where it’s not fitting to bring a striking bouquet of roses. For baby showers, pastel roses in baby pink, peach and coral are the ideal rose gift for baby showers. These colors represent friendship and loyalty and are the perfect complement to any new parent flower bouquet. 


Daisies are bright, joyful looking flowers that are perfect for adding flair to any bouquet. Whether you fill each floral arrangement with classic white daisies or choose to add a pop of color by selecting the popular gerbera daisy, any bouquet meant for times of celebration and happiness can use these versatile flowers. 


Daffodils are one of the very first flowers to bloom each spring and represent hope, birth and renewal. These enchanting flowers are perfectly suited to surprise new moms at baby showers, with their vibrant color and sweet aroma. 

Baby Shower Flowers Delivery

No matter which incredible baby shower flowers you select, the most important step is surprising the new or expecting parents with your thoughtful flower gift. With My Flowers Toronto, we can have your wonderful gift of flowers for new parents arriving at their door the same day. Explore our collection of charming floral bouquets for baby showers and let us take care of all the rest, leaving you free to celebrate with the people you love. 

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