Popular Flowers and Their Meaning

July 20, 2021 2 min read

Popular Flowers and Their Meaning

Discover the most popular flowers and the meaning behind them. Every flower has a certain significance, some that change with the color and number of stems gifted. Discover which are the best flowers for gifting to friends, or the buds that speak to strength and perseverance. Learn about every popular flower and their meaning to send heartfelt messages with every floral gift. 

What Is The Most Popular Flower?

Above all else, the most popular flower is the classic, timeless Rose. Roses are the most popular flower around the world, recognized for centuries for their beauty and versatility. Every blossoms color has a different meaning and conveys an intimate message for those it’s being gifted to. 

What Do Flowers Symbolize

Gerbera Daisy:The Gerbera Daisy is the most popular type of Daisy, especially for gifting in bouquets. Gerbera Daisies are known for their vibrant colors and bright petals, which give the colorful flowers a symbolic meaning of energy and rebirth. 

Yellow petals on a Gerbera Daisy symbolize vigor, joy and strength. Pink represents friendship, affirmation and respect. 

Tulip:A classic flower that blooms in spring, Tulips have many meanings. While they are lesser thought of than the rose in this regard, the central meaning of Tulips is love, especially a love that is particularly deep and strong. Rebirth is another concept represented by the Tulip, coinciding with its spring bloom. 

White tulips symbolize purity, honor and respect. They are great for apologies, or for sending in sympathy bouquets. Purple Tulips represent luxury and elegance. 

Lily: There are many different types of popular Lilies, and each of them can vary in meaning. The most common association with the Lily flower is devotion, motherhood and rebirth. In Greek mythology, the Lily is associated with Hera, the goddess of women and family. 

A pink Lily represents prosperity and good fortune, and Lilies with yellow petals mean gratitude and thankfulness. Red Lilies symbolize passion and strength. 

Orchid:A delicate and exotic flower that’s highly popular for gifting, the Orchid symbolizes luxury, love and a strong will. In ancient Greece, the orchid was highly well known as a symbol of virility. 

Pink Orchids are a symbol of graciousness, happiness and femininity. Yellow blossoms for an Orchid represent new beginnings and strong friendship. 

Iris:A uniquely shaped flower with stunning colors, Irises are extremely popular for ornamental gardening due to their beauty and vibrance. This flower is often associated with hope, wisdom and bravery. 

The most common and popular shade of Iris is purple, which represents royalty, wisdom and elegance. Blue Irises are symbols of faith and hope, while white blossoms mean purity. 

Flower Meaning Love

The final blossom in our guide to the meaning of the most popular flowers is the rose. Previously stated to be the most popular flower, it is also the most heavily associated with romance and love. 

Send classic red roses to the special person in your life for a grand romantic gesture that will fill their hearts with admiration and appreciation.

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