Birth Flowers and their Meanings

November 30, 2021 3 min read

Birth Flowers and their Meanings

Birth flowers are the specific type of bloom that represents the month you were born into. Discover your birth flower and learn what this blossom symbolizes in flower language and what it may suggest about you. Each of the birth flowers conveys a separate meaning and important symbolism. 

What Flowers Are Associated With Birthdays?

There are many types of flowers associated with birthdays. Each month is typically represented by one or two different blossoms. The flower symbolism changes for each month although each meaning is often closely tied to the meaning of the flower itself and what it is often recognized to symbolize. 

Birth Flowers By Month 

January: Carnation and Snowdrop 

Snowdrops are small white flowers named for both their snowy shade and the tilted droop of their blooms. While the wintertime connection seems clear, they also represent purity and hope. Carnation symbolism changes with the flowers’ hue, but red carnations are the most popular and represent passion and fiery ambition. 

February: Iris and Violet

Violet blossoms symbolize royalty and prosperity, much like the purple shade that gives these birth months flowers their name. The iris is another bloom known for appearing in tones of purple and blue and represents courage and wisdom. 

March: Daffodil

This plucky yellow flower is one of the first types of flowers to bloom back as spring approaches. Daffodils are one of the most well-recognized flowers which indicate the end of winter and the thawing of snow. For this reason, the march birth flower represents hope, new birth and new beginnings. 

April: Daisy and Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers are known for their somewhat folded petals that look similar to the wings of a butterfly. They’re highly fragrant flowers and they represent kindness. Daisies are symbols of purity and innocence.

May: Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley flowers are known for their highly distinctive drooping bell-shaped blossoms. This white flower is symbolic of sincerity and happiness. The scientific name of this bloom literally translates to “that which belongs to May,” which is why the Lily of the Valley is the May birth month flower. 

June: Rose 

The summer months begin in June, and it’s during this month that most roses reach their full bloom. Considered the most popular flower around the globe, the rose is a well-known symbol of love and passion. 

July: Larkspur and Waterlily

There are many associations with the waterlily, and one of the most common meanings represented by this bloom is peace and celebration. Larkspurs represent a similar symbolism and are often considered to mean celebrating times of joy and strong bonds.

August: Gladiolus 

The flower for August is one that represents strength and triumph. Gladiolus’ take their name from the Latin word “gladius” which is also where the term “gladiator” comes from. It makes sense then that these flowers share the same association with heroism and courage as these warriors. 

September: Aster and Morning Glory 

Known for their star-like appearance, Asters are considered to symbolize wisdom and faith. Mornings glories are known to be resilient flowers that can fair well in all types of weather, and they symbolize the achievement of dreams and emotional strength. 

October: Marigold 

Marigolds are the October birth flower and represent power and emotional clarity. Bright orange in hue, the marigold is the perfect flower for a season full of changing leaves and Halloween celebrations. 

November: Chrysanthemum

While the flower meanings of the chrysanthemum change depending on the shade of the blooms, they are most often considered to represent kindness and compassion. A long-lasting flower when cut, these blooms also represent longevity and enduring strength. 

December: Narcissus, Holly and Poinsettia

Narcissi flowers represent creativity and inspiration. Holly represents happiness and good fortune and is closely associated with Christmas. Similarly, poinsettia is also associated with the Christmas holidays and festivities. 

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