Are Roses the Only Romantic Flowers? 

December 02, 2021 2 min read

Are Roses the Only Romantic Flowers? 

When searching for romantic flowers to send to the special person in your life to celebrate romantic occasions, you may be looking to branch out from the standard options. While roses are the most well known flower which represents love, there are many other romantic flowers to consider. 

What's The Most Romantic Flower?

The most romantic and beautiful love flowers are by far considered to be the classic red rose. Roses are a timeless and well-recognizied symbol of romance, affection and passion and are often the top choice for romantic celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays. However, while roses are certainly the most popular flower and the first choice for a romantic flower bouquet, they are not the only option. This blog discusses a number of other romantic flowers and their meanings. 

Popular Romantic Flowers; Not Roses

When looking for beautiful love flowers, the stunning chrysanthemumbloom is second only to the rose. One of the most popular flowers around the world, mums have a long history dating back to their cultivation in ancient China. Chrysamums represent love and devotion. If you’re looking to surprise your girlfriend or wife with a romantic bouquet to show your devotion, then a wonderful selection of lovely chrysanthemums are the best beautiful flowers for her. 

If you want to discover more choices of romantic flowers and their meanings, consider a fun and eye-catching display of tulips. Tulips are one of the most popular flowers for holidays such as Easter, but they are also another lovely blossom to consider for romantic flowers. Growing in a wonderful array of shades including pink, red and white, tulips symbolize love, friendship and strong bonds. 

Flowers That Represent Love And Romance

Three of the best choices for romantic and beautiful flowers for her are listed below. Any selection of these beautiful love flowers would make a perfect romantic bouquet when celebrating special occasions. 

The camellia is a dainty, sweet-looking flower that represents love, romantic affection and strong devotion. Depending on the hue of the bloom being gifted, a bouquet of camellia flowers can also symbolize desire, admiration and passion. 


One of the most popular flowers for bridal bouquets when wedding season rolls around, the peony is a gorgeous blossom with large, full petals. Peony flowers are known to have many meanings, and symbolize romance, compassion and prosperity. These romantic flowers are an ideal selection for confessing feelings of love, as they also hold the meaning of bashfulness and endearment. 

When considering these romantic flowers and their meaning, it’s important to note the distinction between white gardenias and red. A gardenia with white petals symbolizes purity and pure love and would make a lovely bouquet for a new relationship. Red gardenias represent passionate love and are sometimes thought to convey secrecy as well. A romantic bouquet of red gardenias would be a perfect gift for you’ve just confessed your feelings to. 

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