3 Ways to Preserve Flowers 

December 06, 2021 2 min read

3 Ways to Preserve Flowers 

Learn how to preserve flowers using three different popular methods. While there are many different processes available for the preservation of various flowers, some are more complicated than others and may have mixed results. To learn three of the best ways to preserve flowers, read through this helpful blog. 

What is the proper way to preserve flowers?

While there is not only one single correct way to preserve fresh flowers, some methods are definitely agreed upon to work better than others. As you learn how to preserve flowers, you’ll also discover that you have success using certain ways and not others, and it’s important to figure out which process is easiest and most accessible to you. 

How To Preserve Fresh Flowers Permanently

The three methods of flower preservation we will discuss in this blog all have their pros and cons, and some may be easier or more difficult to achieve depending on your time, skillset and budget. As with any kind of crafting, practice is key, so don’t feel discouraged if it takes you a few tries to get the hang of it. 

Air Drying

Using the air-dry method to preserve flowers is one of the best-known and simplest ways to dry flowers. For this method, you take your fresh-cut flowers and hang them upside down from a horizontal stick or pole. Tie the ends of the stems to the pole using string or dental floss. Keep them out of sunlight (exposure to the sun will fade the petals) and safe and secure as they dry for three to four weeks. 


For this method, you’ll need a large heavy book and absorbent paper. Parchment paper or coffee filters work well. Remove any unwanted foliage from the flower, and then open the book to the middle. Lay your paper over the pages, and then carefully place your flower in the centre, ensuring it’s laid out the way you want it. Close the book gently, ensuring you don’t move the blossoms in the process. Let the flower sit for three to four weeks to ensure all the water has left the petals. 


The third and final way to preserve flowers is also the most complex and requires the most tools. When you want to perserve flowers in resin you’ll need to buy a special resin mix and a way to cure it, such as a resin torch. To preserve flowers in resin you’ll first need to press or air-dry the blossoms. Once this is done the dried flowers are encased in resin and cured over the course of two days.

Best Flowers To Press

The best flowers to press are ones with only a single layer of petals around the middle. Flowers with too many petals take longer to press, and the more layers each bloom has the longer you’ll need to keep it pressed or drying. Daisies, violas and pansies are good examples of flowers that are easy to press. 

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