Tips for Arranging Flowers in Vases

December 10, 2021 2 min read

Tips for Arranging Flowers in Vases

Arranging flowers in vases is a skill that many people practice and cultivate as an art form. However, while giving bouquets of fresh cut flowers is a thoughtful and common gift, many people are still unsure of the best ways to display the flowers. Discover the best tips for arranging flowers in vases. 

How Do You Arrange Fresh Flowers?

There are many different ways of arranging flowers in a vase. Depending on the types of flowers in your bouquet or the size and length of your vase, you’ll have many different options on how to arrange and style your flowers. Discover how to arrange flowers in a vase with some simple tips from this helpful blog and give an extra boost to all your basic flower arrangements. 

Basic Flower Arranging Rules

When arranging flowers in a vase, one of the most important rules to keep in mind is the way you cut your stems. Many people know they’re supposed to cut flowers before placing them in a vase with water, but don’t know why. While part of the reason is to trim the flower down to the right height for the vase, cutting the stem is also important to ensure the flower is able to soak up the water it needs to stay looking fresh on display. That is why it’s so important to always cut the stem at an angle, to avoid a flat stem forming a seal with the vase and cutting off water access. 

Another simple way to keep your flower arrangements blooming as long as possible is to remove any leaves or foliage that will be submerged in the water. Either pull these lower leaves off with your hands or use a floral pruner. If petals or leaves fall into the water afterwards, make sure you remove them. Submerged leaves or petals can generate extra growth of bacteria which will cause your blooms to wilt faster. For this reason, it’s also important to refresh your water every one to three days. 

If you only have a single pack of the flower food that comes with each bouquet, place a copper penny and a tablespoon of sugar in the water before you add the flowers. This will help nourish the flowers and make it easier for the stems to absorb the water. 

Flower Arranging Tips for Beginners

Even if you’re only displaying a very basic flower arrangement, knowing these simple tips can help add extra style and longer life to your floral display. If you want to know how to arrange flowers in a vase to create the most striking display, adding the stems in at different angles can help give a full look to your arrangement. If you’re having trouble keeping each bloom in place, using a few pieces of clear tape can help you make a simple grid that will stop your flowers from moving too much. 

Fill out blossom displays with extra foliage and greenery, to add an extra eye-catching element to your vase of fresh-cut flowers. Branches of berries or cuttings from floral bushes can help add flair and personality to your arrangements.

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