Fabulous Flowers for an Autumn Bouquet 

September 15, 2021 2 min read

Fabulous Flowers for an Autumn Bouquet 

Fall is here, and while the traditional flora decor for the autumn season may look more like pumpkins and gourds than flowers, fall flower arrangements are still a great way to decorate for the season. With a wide range of fall blooming flowers and colors perfect for the fall season, there are so many different ways you can assemble a centerpiece or arrangement that’s perfect for fall. 

What Flowers Are In A Fall Bouquet?

There is no definitive flower that simply must be included in a bouquet for it to be considered an autumn themed arrangement. When curating or purchasing fall floral displays, creativity is an asset. Select the stunning arrangement that speaks to your idea of fall and use the flowers with colors and blooms that suit your fancy. 

Fall Flowers


Chrysanthemums are popular fall flowers that often begin to bloom towards the end of summer and throughout the early fall. These big blossoms grow in a variety of stunning fall colors, including yellow, orange and white. They’re a perfect addition to any fall bouquet. 


Pansies are heavy blooming and colorful flowers that can add depth and color to your autumn arrangements. Pansies with red, yellow, orange or gold blooms are among the best ones to use in a fall bouquet, but the wide array of colorful options means you can be as creative as you’d like with a fall pansy arrangement. 


Asters are a hardy plant that can withstand cool and even cold weather. Their uniquely shaped petals and vibrant colors give them the style and personality thats perfect for adding to an autumn flower display. 

Black Eyed Susans

Black eyes susans are a vivid sun colored flower that resembles a sunflower. They bloom throughout October and make for excellent cut flowers, with blooms that last a long time once in a vase. Their color and large petals, as well as their durability, make them a must have for fall floral displays. 

Simple Fall Floral Arrangements

When arranging a floral display for the fall season, you don’t need to limit yourself to only flowers. Fill out an autumn arrangement with small hanging gourds or brightly coloured leaves in gold and yellow. Decorative peppers are a great way to spruce up a centerpiece for fall, and add a touch of red and orange to your display. There are many great ways to add flair and style to a simple fall floral arrangement with only a little bit of extra creativity and craft. 

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