Which Flowers Pair Well with Roses?

September 03, 2021 2 min read

Which Flowers Pair Well with Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers for gifting in a bouquet. While gifting an enchanting arrangement of vibrant roses is an incredible gift on its own, sometimes you may be looking to discover the best flowers to pair with roses. 

What Can I Put With Roses?

There are a number of lovely blossoms that pair well with roses in a bouquet. When choosing the best buds to mix into a stunning rose arrangement, its important to consider color, size and how each flower will fit into the overall bouquet. 

What Flowers Go Best With Roses?


A beloved bloom for both planting in gardens and gifting in bouquets, mums are a lovely flower with a long and rich history. Arrangings mums with roses create an incredible contrast of shape and texture. This is a classic pairing for a floral display that’s enchanting, eye catching and ideally suited for gifting on special occasions. 


Next to roses, carnations are probably one of the most popular bouquet flowers. They’re a long lasting cut flower and grow in a variety of fabulous colors. Carnations make for an incredible combination when displayed alongside roses in a bouquet, and their many colors can be chosen to complement or contrast the roses. 


A radiant arrangement of lilies and roses pairs two popular and beloved flowers for an exquisite floral bouquet that lights up the room. Well suited for gifting at bridal and baby showers, a gorgeous lily bouquet with roses is a showstopping centerpeice to impress you loved ones. 


With their large petals and entrancing colors, peonies are an incredible floral for gifting when you want to celebrate the recipients’ accomplishments. A luxury bouquet of roses and peonies is an extravagant and gorgeous gift for expressing your genuine love and admiration. 


Take a classic pairing of romantic red roses to the next level by adding a vivid selection of deep red dahlias. This alluring bloom is the perfect way to spice up a traditional romantic rose arrangement when you want to surprise that special someone. 

Flower Arrangements With Roses

Regardless of which captivating and delicate bloom you decide to team with roses in a beautiful mixed bouquet, each combination is sure to create a dazzling floral display that impresses and delights. Stunning mixed flower and rose bouquets are an incredible and unique floral gift for so many different occasions. 

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