February Birth Flowers: Fun Facts You Never Knew 

February 21, 2022 2 min read

February Birth Flowers: Fun Facts You Never Knew 

Learn about February birth flowers in this fun floral guide. Curious about which flowers represent being born in the month of February? We’re discussing the February birth flowers and what those flowers are known to symbolize. Read through this blog to discover fun facts about February birth month flowers. 

What Are Birth Month Flowers?

Just as each month has a star sign, zodiac and gemstone associated with it, the same is true for flowers. Every month of the year has a special blossom that represents those that were born throughout that month. Knowing the birth month flowers for yourself, your friends and family might give you a great idea for a birthday floral bouquet! 

February Birth Flower Meaning

There are two February birth month flowers for people born in the second month of the year. While winter is still going strong, both of these February florals are known to be among the first to pop-up once the ground begins to thaw in spring. These flowers may bloom in the wild even throughout the wintertime, which is why they’re the blossoms most associated with February. 

The February birth flowers are Violet and Primrose. Both of these flowers are known for their delicate shapes and petals. Despite their fragile appearance, they’re hardier than they appear and can thrive even in the colder months.

Primrose and Violet Flower Meaning And Facts

While violets are most commonly seen with purple petals (as suggested by their name) violets actually grow in a variety of shades, including blue and yellow. The traditional purple shade of the violets fits nicely with the birthstone of February as well, which is the purple amethyst. 

Violets are known to symbolize humility, wisdom and truthfulness. When gifting bouquets of flowers was the preferred way to make romantic propositions, gifting violets was considered a declaration of everlasting love. 

Because they are well known for being one of the first flowers to appear after winter ends, primroses are associated with hope, renewal and rebirth. They represent the coming of new life and optimism for brighter days ahead. 

These pretty blossoms grow with white, pale yellow or pink petals. Primrose flowers have a surprising number of medicinal uses. Treatments for headaches, cramps and various flesh wounds can be treated with primrose blossoms. 

This spring flower has a rich history with ties to Norse mythology. In these myths, primroses are associated with Freya, the goddess of love. 

In popular culture, “Primrose” was a character in the bestselling YA book series “The Hunger Games.” While both the protagonist Katniss and her sister Primrose were named after plants, it’s Prim that is considered the more delicate and lovely of the two. Much like her namesake, the character has an interest in medicine and healing and assists her sister by providing remedies more than once. 

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