Popular Spring Flowers and their Meanings

February 16, 2022 2 min read

Popular Spring Flowers and their Meanings

Discover popular spring flowers and their meanings on My Flowers Toronto! Everyone knows that when flowers bloom it means spring is here. In this blog we’re taking a look at some of the most popular spring flowers and their meanings, so you can know everything there is about these beautiful blooms. 

What Flowers Symbolize Spring?

Everyone knows the old saying “April showers bring May flowers.” But there are flowers that bloom even earlier than May. Some spring up from the ground just as spring begins. These early spring flowers represent hope and new beginnings, and many of them are associated with the Easter holiday. Below are a few of the most popular spring flowers and what each blossom represents. 

List Of Spring Flowers


One of the most popular spring flowers is the playful tulip. Bouquets of tulips are a beloved choice for gifting at baby showers or for romantic occasions. These blooms are some of the first to pop out of the ground at the start of spring. They represent kindness, rebirth and perfect love. 


With their cheerful yellow petals, Daffodils are another well-known early spring flower. When people see the daffodils are bloom, it’s a sure sign that winter is over and spring has begun. These joyful buds represent new beginnings, vitality and creative inspiration. 


While the blooming time of these delicate flowers changes depending on when they were planted, it is common for pansies to blossom in spring and last throughout the summer. For this reason, they are a popular complement to summer flowers and would look beautiful in a summer garden. The pansy symbolizes remembrance and thoughtfulness. 


Known for their distinctive yellow centres, primroses can grow in shades such as pink, purple and blue. These delicate flowers bloom in early spring and are considered a symbol of young love and longing. 

Flowers That Bloom In The Spring Season

Whichever bloom and blossom you prefer, all spring flowers are known to represent hope and fresh starts. When the winter frost melts away, the bloom of spring flower represent new life bursting through the hard ground the start again. This is what makes spring such a joyful time, and why the sight of spring blossoms fills people with hope for the coming months. The weather is warming and beautiful tulips are blossoms all around. 

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