Lucky Flowers for Chinese New Year

February 15, 2022 2 min read

Lucky Flowers for Chinese New Year

Learn about the best lucky flowers for the Chinese New Year. The celebration of Chinese New Year is one of the biggest and more important festivals throughout China, and to Chinese people around the world. This blog will discuss different lucky flowers for Chinese New Year. 

Bringing Luck on Chinese New Year 

If you’re looking for a Chinese New Year floral arrangement, this blog has the information you’re looking for. We’re discussing the best lucky flowers for the New Year, to ensure the year to come is prosperous and joyful. 

Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. It is a time for those who celebrate to give tribute to their ancestors and to spend time with their family with food and good cheer. Creating good luck during this celebration is considered very important, as is avoiding actions and items deemed unlucky. 

What Are The Flowers For Chinese New Year?

There are many Chinese New Year plants and flowers to help bring in luck for the upcoming year. Below are some of the best blossoms for a Chinese New Year floral arrangement, as well as what they symbolize for the Spring Festival. 

Pussy Willows 

These long reeds are known for their unique buds, which are soft and somewhat resemble a kittens paw in shape and look. It’s for this resemblance that these buds were given their name. Pussy Willows are often given out in large, tall bunches at Lunar New Year festivities. Sometimes they are grey and white but some vendors will add playful touches of red or pink. Pussy Willows represent growth and prosperity for the coming year. 


A popular flower year-round, Orchids are especially beloved during the Spring Festival celebration. Whether gifted in charming bouquets or as a potted plant, Orchids are one of the prettiest lucky flowers for the new year. This delicate bloom is associated with children and is considered a symbol of fertility, abundance and luxury. 


These attractive flowers are known for their vibrant petals and lush blooms. Peonies are popular bouquet for gifting during times of celebration. Bouquets of peonies are especially prized during the Lunar Near Year. These stunning blossoms represent charm, richness and peace. During the Chinese New Year, red peonies are considered especially lucky, as red is a shade closely related to luck and good fortune. 

Chinese Good Luck Flowers Delivered 

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