The Most Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

February 09, 2022 2 min read

The Most Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Discover the most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day. Gifting flowers on February 14th is part of the Valentine tradition. But which are considered the most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day? Read through our helpful blog to discover the best flowers for gifting to that special someone.

What Is The Most Popular Flower For Valentine's Day?

The most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day floral arrangements is likely not a surprise to anyone: the rose. Red roses are as much a part of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts as heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and fluffy teddy bears professing their love. Roses in any shade are often considered the most romantic flower, so if you want to take the classic approach to when selecting your Valentine’s gift, a passionate arrangement of red roses is the best choice. 

Types Of Flowers For Valentine's Day

While a rose bouquet may be the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift, it’s not the only romantic blossom that you can buy. Any flower with red petals represents romance and passion, and should therefore be considered when deciding on a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement. 

Below are several other popular red flowers to consider for this romantic occasion: 

Red Carnations

Almost as popular as roses, carnations with red petals are one of the best flowers of Valentine’s Day. Red carnations symbolize passion and devotion, making an amorous red carnation bouquet a flirty and romantic gift to surprise the object of your affection with.

Red Tulips 

Tulips are flirty flowers which are known to symbolize new beginnings and hope. For this reason, red tulips represent longing and new love. A bouquet of red tulips would be an ideal gift for a new couple, or romantic way to express your feelings for someone who may not realize you love them. 

Red Gardenias 

Charming red gardenias are known for their large, lush petals and rose-like shape. Red blossoms on gardenias represent love, yearning and admiration. Red gardenias were once used to as a way to make a secret declaration of love. Surprise your lover with a display of passionate red gardenias to represent the love the exists only between the two of you. 

Best Flowers To Gift

When selecting the flowers for your Valentine’s Day gifts, don’t feel limited to just red blossoms. While red is a traditional shade for Valentine’s Day, there are so many more options if you want to be a bit creative. Pink and white roses are also classic blossoms for this romantic holiday. Gift your loved ones a playful bouquet of pink cosmos to represent new love and friendship.

A gift of bluebells represents everlasting love, and a bouquet of pink hydrangeas symbolize affection and strong, heartfelt emotion. Either of these stunning blooms could be gifted as part of a Valentine’s celebration. The most important thing to consider when selecting the best bouquet for your loved one is their personal taste. A bouquet of flowers is a generous and thughtful gift that special someone is certain to adore.

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