Top Ten Types of Flowers in Canada

September 10, 2023 6 min read

Top Ten Types of Flowers in Canada

Most Popular Flowers in Canada

With thousands of different flower types, it can be overwhelming to choose or know about each name and flower classification. Choosing a flower arrangement or getting ready to garden flowering plants is helpful when you are accustomed to the most popular flowers within Canada. There are many choices to choose from when picking flowers, but there are specific flowers that are extremely well known and the most used for all floral bouquets and arrangements.

Below is a list of 10 of the most popular flowers in the country:

Flower Types 

Popular flower types in Canada include:


Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world and used across cultures in flower arrangements. They have a rich history of symbolism and meaning that has been recognized for numerous decades. Just like their blossoming and colorful features, this flower was discovered thousands of years ago and used for multipurposes. Roses have been known to be used for decor and gifts, as well as medicinal reasons and perfumes, while their petals are even used for decorations as well. When receiving a bouquet of roses, it is important to place them in water right away. It should be medium temperature, whilst providing nutrients to its roots so it can travel and help them blossom. They need some sunlight, and to be taken care of in order to fully achieve a grown rose bloom. A roses bouquet is most popular for Valentine’s Day, special anniversaries and when someone you love is celebrating a birthday.


Beautiful summer weather is upon us, when hydrangea flowers and bushes begin to bloom. The majority of them are shrubs, however some can be little trees. This flower is native to Asia and America, with numerous species that have been cultivated to create a vast variety of hydrangeas. Some popular types include anomala, lacecap, and oakleaf. Ranging in colors, hydrangeas can be white, purple, pink or blue, which depends on the acidity of the soil. During the spring to fall months, hydrangeas grow as flowerheads at the end of the stem and create very fulfilled flowers. To sustain their life and growth, it is important to water them regularly and plant them in well drained soil. A proper balance of sun and mostly partial shade is standard for them to grow and remain healthy. 


This is one of the oldest flowers that are extremely popular and date back millions of years ago; orchids. There are numerous variations and types of orchids that exist counting up to over 30,000. Some of the most popular orchid types include phalaenopsis, cattleya, vanilla and dendrobium. Some orchids can grow when planted in soil, and there are others that grow on rocks and that hang from trees. An important factor when taking care of orchids is to not overwater them as the roots will rot and it will begin to decay. The beauty of orchid flowers symbolizes many meanings and usually represent characteristics of thoughtfulness, love, strength and prosperity.


Tulips are known to be a “Spring” flower. They bloom beginning in early spring until autumn. As one of the most well known flowers in Spring, these flowers are associated with Easter. They are presented in bouquets as gifts to family and friends. There are over 75 different species of tulips with over 3,000 different types that are grown around the world. Tulips have a bulb shaped flower top that comes in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors. Popular tulip colors include red, pink, orange and yellow. For proper and extensive growth, they should be planted in soil that is good for drainage, therefore it will disallow over watering which can ruin and drown the roots and the bulb.


Lilies are extremely versatile and one of the most popular flowers integrated within culture and literature. They form around a small bulb, and then blossom into a stunning flower. Lilies are predominantly found in the northern hemisphere. This flower appears in a variety of different colors which include white, pink, purple and yellow, and some appear with a mixture in a pattern. With a distinguished fragrance, these elegant petals and blooms have been made popular in bouquets, gardens and decor pieces for years. There are many different types of lily flowers that are “true lilies”, which belong to the lilium genus. Keep your lilly flowers in full sun for hours a day, and usually require low maintenance which makes them the perfect choice for planting in your garden during the summer. 


Beautiful flowers that are extremely exuberant and popular in the season of fall. Chrysanthemums are native to parts of Eastern Asia and in Europe, however they are said to have originated in China, thousands of years ago. They have since become very popular with numerous different varieties growing and spanning across the world. Their beautiful colors and shape make them perfect garden flowers, potted flowers and to use as pieces for decor. You can choose from different colors such as purple, white, red, yellow or orange. Chrysanthemums are great flowers to have in your garden because they are easy to grow and maintain. It is important to make sure they are planted earlier on in order to fully blossom and bloom before winter while there is no snow. Another purpose chrysanthemums have is that they can also be used to make tea. 


Alstroemia’s also known as Peruvian lilies first originated and are native to South America, however they have been grown and originated in other continents including North America and Australia. They look beautiful when in a garden amongst other flowers, and come in numerous different colors such as pink, orange, white, red, purple and yellow. Alstroemeria are a popular choice when assembling condolence flower bouquets. They signify devotion, fortune, friendship and grace. When planted properly in good spring and summer conditions, they are long lasting. They must be exposed in direct sunlight and it is important to water them often, especially when it is extremely hot and dry outside. 


Dating back to cultivation of over 2,000 years ago, carnations have primarily populated the Mediterranean before reaching other parts of the world. Carnations are known for their vibrant and radiant colors, distinguished and pretty petals and fragrance. These are wonderful flowers to add to any mixed floral arrangement or bouquet, to gift for celebrations. When planting carnations in your garden or potted plants, it is important to have soil that drains well, and an area filled with natural sunlight that they should receive 4-5 hours a day. As all flowers, carnations have their own symbolic meaning depending on the color. White carnations symbolize good luck and fortune, pink carnations represent motherly love. These are well known and used flowers for occasions and gifts. 


A unique name for a flower because of its resemblance to a dragon’s nose or snout that are extremely popular within the USA, Europe and northern parts of Africa. Snapdragons have been popular garden flowers in cottage country and gardens for centuries, with a stunning visual that everyone loves. These flowers are representative of grace and strength. Their flowers boom on top of tall stemmed stalks that grow in summer and cooler fall conditions. Snapdragons come in a variety of gorgeous colors including white, purple, pink, peach, yellow, red and even mixed bicolor. Despite their beautiful visuals, snapdragons are actually extremely tough flowers for pollinators, where only bumblebees are strong enough to open the petals of the flowers to consume.


Gypsophila are genus flowers that are within the carnation family. These flowers are originally native to Asia, Australia, Africa, and certain islands. They have the nickname of “baby’s breath”, and come in a variety of different colors that are equally stunning. You can create bouquets with these flowers in white, pink, purple and yellow. Gypsophila flowers are especially popular for bridesmaids and wedding bouquets with their small and compact beauty. They also look extremely elegant in a garden amongst other flowers. It is important to note they are toxic to humans and pets so no animals should not be ingesting or near them at all times. 

Fresh varieties of flowers make for excellent stems to use for flower arrangements. Equally important to choosing approciate floral varieties is making sure to keep your flowers nice and fresh. Fresh flowers means they last much longer. 

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