Flower Giving Customs Around The Globe

September 07, 2023 4 min read

Flower Giving Customs Around the World

Flower Giving Is Timeless And Found Across All Cultures

Flowers have been a predominant gift that people give to one another on various occasions for decades. There are many floral shops accessible, where buying flowers has become easier and stress free, due to the numerous opportunities and florists available. No matter what the flower type may be, their essence and beauty radiate in every bouquet, as each flower has their own unique visual and aroma. It is an extremely kind gesture to gift flowers to someone you care about to let them know you are thinking of them, a way to say congratulations, I love you or thank you. The phenomenon of presenting and surprising others with flower gifts have reached the e-commerce method, with multiple online flower shops available globally to help make flower giving easier.

If you have family members or close friends that live across the globe, or are simply residing for school, work, or other reasons – you can close the gap between you by sending floral gifts. Finding local flower shops online has become significant in helping reach your recipient no matter what the occasion may be. Flowers are a symbolism for love and appreciation that will never go out of style.

The Global History of Giving Flowers

As a global, popular gift, flowers have had significant meaning to many individuals and countries in their history.

The history and meaning of flowers will be explored in various countries from around the world down below. 


Flowers have a rich history in Japan with many traditions including floral shrines and altars being constructed and the popular floral art of Kado. Kado (“way of the flowers”) is a Japanese art that blends an arrangement of various flower plants. It also means that it is not simply the design and beauty of the flowers, but also the techniques, mannerisms and patience used to create them.  These designs are well known and common gifts to provide to others as housewarming presents, when family or friends return from vacation, or get well soon gifts to lift someone’s spirit.


 There has been a deep fascination and history with flowers in the country of Greece. Flowers were predominantly used to enhance and help with storytelling, and representative of specific Greek gods and goddesses. The symbolism behind the flowers have different meanings and myths from love, passion and purity. As flowers represent new life and celebration as well, they are used on various tombs. Philosophers dating many years back have also talked about the blooming and growth of flowers in their speeches and reminders about the Greek gods.


Dating back to the 16th century, flowers have had a prideful and positive meaning in France. When a knight by the name of Louis Gerard returned home and gifted a lily to King Charles IX, it was received as a sign of good luck and positivity. He loved this flower so much that he wanted to give them out to more people and then created La Fete du Muguet (celebration of lily of the valley). To this day, annually, there are many florists that sell lilies and walk through the streets to celebrate this festival.


Flowers were considered holy in Egypt for a long period of time. They would be placed in various tombs of the Pharaohs as gifts and were thought to be used to get rid of any evil spirit. There are many festivals and holidays that have flowers incorporated into them such as the one that takes place on the Nile River and its power for fertility. There are many floral jewelry pieces that are worn and shared, stunning flower arrangements with different flower types of altars and displays. 


The country of China has significant value with flowers dating back many years ago. Some of their earliest art forms of poems and artwork use flowers, well known as “The Four Gentleman” which includes plum blossoms, bamboo, orchids and chrysanthemum. These represent different characteristics of humility, purity, perseverance, and honesty. There are many Chinese traditions where flower gifts are tokens of manifesting real life opportunities and results. When gifting a loved one or someone flowers, it can bring them success in life, financially and good fortune. 


The symbolism and tradition for giving flowers to someone is taken very seriously in the country of Spain. Floral bouquets and arrangements should only be sent to individuals for a specific reason or holiday/occasion taking place. This can be birthdays, weddings, funerals, massive holiday celebrations, etc but giving flowers as a “just because” is not very common. Specific reasoning like get togethers or dinner parties are valid to give someone an elegant plant but never any red roses or white lilies that are popular amongst other cultures. 


During their early Aboriginal era, many men received flower gifts and arrangements for occasions such as Father’s Day. Father’s were in charge of making sure they taught their children to survive and usually as repayment on special days, they would be given flower bouquets. During the time of wild Outback, they were extremely courageous in protecting and providing for their family and children, so flowers became a symbolic token of appreciation and gratitude for their father’s every chance they could get. 


Germany shares a similar recognition to Spain when it comes to gifting and receiving flowers. The type and reasoning for flowers is important as equally as the freshness and radiancy of them. There is an ongoing myth that if an odd number of flowers is given within a bouquet, that it is easier to make and arrange. This is due to the belief that some of the most popular flowers in the world tend to grow an odd number of petals on their stems. However, despite the look and freshness of the flowers, Germany views more sincerity and generosity when it comes to gatherings and occasions. When attending parties or family dinners, you can bring multiple gifts for the hosts including flowers, wine, etc. Try to avoid sending red roses, as their meaning or romantic love is meant for only other types of occasions. Sending flowers with more color such as pink or yellow is extremely common. 

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