Best Ways To Repurpose Empty Flower Vases

August 24, 2023 4 min read

Best Ways To Repurpose Empty Flower Vases


Recycle and Reuse Flower Vases With Ease

Putting flowers in a vase has always been a beautiful piece of decor in any room they are placed in. It is very special when we receive flowers for someone else or treat ourselves to our own bouquet. Making sure to have a vase to place a beautiful flower arrangement in is essential. It completes the look of a stunning flower bouquet, and enhances the presentation of the flowers. 

Unfortunately, flower bouquets don’t last forever. After the flowers have run their course, you may be thinking about what to do with the vase, or to get rid of it completely. If it is a gorgeous vase, there are a lot of different options and purposes it can serve around the house to continue having it on display. The most obvious reasoning would be to use it for other flower arrangements, especially if you’re an avid flower receiver or purchaser. However, if you do not know what else to do with the vase, there are multipurposes and reuses for them that will be explored in the list below.

How To Repurpose A Vase - 5 Ways 

After a vase has served its purpose of carrying flowers, there are many other uses that it can be used for. If you do not want to get rid of a vase, or it is extremely beautiful to throw away, there are many ways you can utilize it to its fullest potential around the house. The main function it can serve is being a decorative piece or using it as storage to hold other items. They serve with much versatility, which makes them a top quality item to have around the house as needed. 

Here are 5 examples of how to reuse empty flower vases:

Candle Holder 

If you’ve purchased a new candle, or simply need a place for the candle to be held, you can use your empty flower vase. In a clear colored vase, you can place your candle inside for the perfect candle holder, which can then be placed on a table, countertop or furniture piece.

You can place your candle inside a colored vase and it can create an ambience and colorful mood lighting in any room. If the vase is red, pink, purple, blue and more, the candle can be lit and create a light that is colorful for the room. You can set the tone for a romantic dinner, a fun lighting for a gathering with friends or something thematic when it is fall or winter. On top of utilizing the mood colors, you can also accessorize the vase with various things such as coffee beans, acorns, or something to create a fresh aroma and fragrance.

Serving Drinks 

There are many uniquely designed flower vases including many with a handle. This makes the vase extremely easy to carry and maneuver when putting it on display. You can access and hold it comfortably to showcase your flowers to your friends and family. After the flowers are gone, the vase can be used for an extremely useful and purposeful task such as pouring drinks. It can serve pitchers of water, juice, lemonade, coffee and other types of drinks. With its cute charm, it can be placed on the dinner table and used to pour drinks in an elegant way. This will surely give the vase a good use to be kept around and repurposed long after the flowers are gone.


Bookshelf Holder 

There are many storage reuses that an empty vase can have, however it can also make a great decorative piece. If you are looking for bookends on a bookshelf to hold them together or complete the look - place your vase at the end. To ensure the weight can be carried, you can fill the vase up with pieces such as seashells, marbles or other items to add a range of style to your bookshelves. Sometimes a simple and elegant vase can add the perfect touch of style to your shelves.


Display fruit 

Another great repurpose use of your empty vase can be to display fruit within the container. You can put an assortment of different fruits including apples, oranges, pears and bananas in it, for easy access to grab and go as you want them. This is a practical use to place in the kitchen and keep your fruit tidy and in a presentable way. It will automatically add some vibrancy and color to your kitchen, which makes an aesthetically pleasing visual. 


Bathroom Decor

Use your vase for some self-care and bathroom organization by placing your moisturizers, creams, bath salts and bath bombs into the vase. A fishbowl and larger vase can be used for storage and placed on display in your bathroom. It will ensure everything is tidy, organized and all your bathroom and self-care essentials are kept in an accessible and easy place. The functionality and purpose for this vase will be significant, as everyone has their own bathing essentials they need to use, and it will be a proper and excellent way to store and display them all.

Start a Savings Fund 

Your flowers are gone and as time progresses, you’re finding more loose change in random crevices and around the house. Instead of leaving your change out on an open counter, why not use the vase as a coin jar. Label your reason for saving and place it on the vase. This can create motivation to continue to save and build a fund for short-term and long-term goals. Watching the money accumulate is motivating and will inspire you to work hard to fill it to the top. 

These are only a few of the numerous ways that empty vases can be reused. Vases are primarily known for holding and presenting flowers, however after the flowers are gone, vases can be kept and used for multiple reasons. Select a method that best suits what you need most at the time in your life, and watch the value of the vase rise significantly long after the use for flowers is done. 

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